Hudson Dealerships

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History of Hudson Dealerships





Auburn, ME:
C.F. chase Company, 325 Center Street. Owned by Charles F. Chase. Circa 1949.

Augusta, ME:
F.W. Lawrence
P.M. Lawrence. Picture was labeled F.W. Lawrence circa 1920,but I've only been able to find a P.M. Lawrence establishment. P.M. may have been son of F.W. that advertised shoes in NY circa 1900.

Augusta, ME:
Vail Motor Company, 52 State Street. Owned by Daniel E. Vail. Circa 1949.

Bangor, ME:
Henley-Kimball Bangor Maine
Henley-Kimball at May & Summer Streets in Bangor, ME. In business at this location from at least 1949. Click here for information on their dealerships in Massachusetts and Portland, Maine.

Bangor, ME:
L.P.Swett Automobiles
L.P.Swett Automobiles at 106 Harlow St. Photo circa 1915. Dealer name: Ludovic P. Swett.

Biddeford, ME:
Barrett Motors, 469 Elm Street. Owned by Frank Barrett. Circa 1949.

Caribou, ME:
F.S. Tibbetts, Inc., 74 Sweden Street. Owned by F.S. Tibbetts. Circa 1949.

Damariscotta, ME:
Damariscotta Garage
Damariscotta Garage Damariscotta, ME.

Dexter, ME:
Ralph C. Wakefield, 45 Spring Street. Owned by Ralph C. Wakefield. Circa 1949.

Farmington, ME:
McGary's Garage, Pleasant Street. Owned by George McGay. Circa 1949.

Fort Fairfield, ME:
Fred E. Peterson
Fred E. Peterson. Hudson Super Six and Essex Motor Cars. Circa 1920s.

Fort Kent, ME:
Arthur R. Daigle, 124 Main Street. Owned by Arthur R. Daigle. Circa 1949.

Guilford, ME:
Clukey and Page
Clukey and Page, Elm Street, Guilford, ME. Click here for more pictures.

Houlton, ME:
Hogan & Smith, Inc., Bangor Street. Owned by Wendell Smith and Justin Hogan. Circa 1949.

Kennebunk, Maine:
H. E. Lunge H. E. Lunge
November 1919 Hudson Triangle
H. E. Lunge, Main Street. Began in 1915 and sold out to Andrew Murphy sometime in the late 20's, early 30's. Andrew Murphy moved the Main Street dealership to the east side of town at 121 Summer Street (Route 35), see Andrew Murphy listing. Photo clipping from March 1924 Hudson Triangle.

Kennebunk, Maine:
Andrew Murphy
Murphy Motor Co./Andrew Murphy Hudson & Pontiac Service, 121 Summer Street (Route 35), Kennebunk, ME. Circa 1940. There were two buildings on the property - one was the showroom, the other was the garage. Both buildings still stand today - the garage is still a garage and the old showroom is partly storage and partly used for front end alignments. The garage part was recently renovated, and they actually kept it looking more or less original. Click here for more information and pictures. See H.E. Lunge above for prior history.

Lewiston, ME:
Hudson Motors Sales Co
Hudson Motors Sales Co., 88 Bates Street, Lewiston, Maine. Road map circa 1926.

Liberty, ME:
C.C. Banks & Son
C.C. Banks & Son, 58 Main St, Liberty, Maine. Building now houses Liberty Graphics Outlet on the lower floor and Davistown Museum on the upper floor.

Limestone, ME:
Harold Webster's Garage, South Main Street. Owned by Harold Webster. Circa 1949.

Lincoln, ME:
Warren Brothers
Warren Brothers, 36 Broadway West. Owned by Lawrence Warren and Lloyd Warren. Circa 1949.

Livermore Falls, ME:
Rand & Moore, 15 Park Street. Owned by John Rand. Circa 1949.

Portland, ME:
Henley-Kimball at 380 Forest Avenue in Portland, ME. Listed in 1949 New England version of Hudson Dealers News as owned by Norman Hubbard. Click here to view a September 1951 photo of this dealership. Click here for information on their dealerships in Massachusetts and Bangor, Maine.

South Portland, ME:
Higgins Motor Sales, 14 Cottage Road. Owned by L.W. Higgins. Circa 1949.

Presque Isle, ME:
Hayes Super Service, 226 State Street. Owned by J.Frank Hayes. Circa 1949.

Rumford, ME:
Rumford Motor Sales, 486 Prospect Avenue. Owned by Raleigh Linnell and Frank Linnell. Circa 1949.

Saco, ME:
Burns Brothers
Burns Bros., Hudson and Essex Motor Cars, 254 Main Street, Saco, Maine - Tel: 164-M

Sanford, ME:
Bucklin's Garage, 268 Main Street. Owned by Harlan Bucklin. Circa 1949.

Waterville, ME:
McCartney Motor Co. 184 College Ave. Owned by Merle McCartney. Circa 1949.

Westbrook, ME:
Park Garage, 672-676 Main Street. Owned by Albert Marean. Circa 1949.


Baltimore, MD:
Bittorf Motor Co
Bittorf Motors, 1001 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD. Click here for more pictures!

Baltimore, MD:
F.Rossi And Sons
F.Rossi & Sons, unknown address.

Baltimore, MD:
Hilton Service Station
Hilton Service Station, 272 South Hilton Street, Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore, MD:
Levis Motors
Levis Motors, Mt. Royal & Maryland Aves. (Street address of 3931 but unsure if that was Mt Royal or Maryland Ave.) Circa 1937.

Baltimore, MD:
Schwing Motor Co
Schwing Motor Co, 3324-32 Keswick Road. Click here for more pictures!

Bethesda, MD:
Carl Motors
Carl Motors, 7701 Wisconsin Avenue. In business 1951-1953.

Hancock, MD:
Central Garage, (Also sold Studebaker.) (1926 Auto Blue Book/touring guide)

Hagerstown, MD:
Cunningham Motors
Cunningham Motors, 20 E. Franklin St. In busines during Jet years.

Marbury, MD:
Marbury Motors
Marbury Motors Marbury Motors was founded by William C. "Willie" Abell. Myers had started selling Grahams in 1933, but by 1937 the writing was on the wall for that marque, and he switched to Hudson. He continued as a Hudson dealer into the 1950's, switched to AMC after the 1954 merger (discontinuing Hudson sales in 1957), and stopped selling cars in 1959. H-E-T members Ralph Abell of Florida, and his sister Shirley Myers of Maryland, both now deceased, were William Myers' children, and Ralph worked at the garage during its early days, attending training classes at the Hudson factory in Detroit. The building still exists, as does the 12-foot-high Hudson sign (now owned by William's granddaughter Rhonda Frey and her husband Carl Wennberg, both active H-E-T members). From 2001 to 2013 the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the H-E-T held a yearly picnic meet --"Marbury Motors Days" -- near the dealership.

New Market, MD:
Lawson Hudson Sales
Lawson Hudson Sales, Rt. 40. Circa 1951-1952.

New Windsor, MD:
Lambert's Garage, Lambert Avenue?

Rockville, MD:
Rockville Garage
Rockford Garage, In business from 1915 thru at least 2013, they sold Hudson from 1917 thu 1921. Click here for more history!.

Taneytown, MD:
Martin Koons Garage
Martin Koons Garage, 340 East Baltimore Street. The property at 340, now home to Taneytown History Museum, was once owned by Mr. Martin Koons who had a Hudson Dealership in the garage on the property. There's no known photo of his business on this property, but he first had his business about 5 properties to the east at 418 East Baltimore Street where he did business until around the mid 1930s. The 418 property is pictured.

Westminster, MD:
Palace Garage
Palace Garage, Main St. The date of the photo appears to be the early 1920's. The proprietor was H. H. Harbaugh, who had started the Palace Livery Stables in the 1890's. The building shown, replaced an earlier stable that burned in 1906. Harbaugh later became an automobile dealer selling (at various times) Hudsons, Dodges and Pontiacs. He was definitely selling Hudsons in 1923. One of the Palace Garage employees was Lawrence Zepp who started his automobile sales career there in 1937 selling Pontiac cars. In 1939, he began his own business, Zepp Motors, originally on John Street and then on Pennsylvania Avenue, where he sold Hudsons and Pontiacs and used cars. He retired from that business in 1950.


Allston, MA:
Manning Motors
Manning Motors, Inc., 122 Brighton Ave. Owned by John E. Manning. Circa 1949.

Amesbury, MA:
Monegan Motors, 308 Elm Street, Amesbury, MA. Owned by Ralph Monegan. Circa 1949.

Athol, MA:
McKenney's Motor Sales, 434 Main Street. Owned by Donald McKenney. Circa 1949.

Attleboro, MA:
Wheaton Motors, 97 Emery Street, Attleboro, MA. Owned by William Wheaton. Circa 1949.

North Attleboro, MA:
Wall's Sales & Service
Wall's Sales & Service, 179 Park Street, North Attleboro, MA. Owned by Richard Wall. In business from at least 1949-1954. Ad from March 17, 1954. It is now Mitchell's Glass and Paint. It had a car wash at one time. Click here for more pictures.

Auburndale, MA:
Ralph C. Wight Co., Auburndale, MA. Owned by Ralph C. Wight. Circa 1949.

Belchertown, MA:
Belchertown Motor Sales, Inc., Jabish Street. Owned by Frank Gold. Circa 1949.

Bellingham, MA:
Bellingham Auto Sales
Bellingham Motors, Bellingham, MA. The Moore family still owns and operates this business, click here to view their website.

Belmont, MA:
Rambo Motors, 790 Pleasant St., Belmont, MA. Owned by Ethel E. Rambo. Circa 1949.

Berlin, MA:
Wheeler's Garage, Carter Street 2. Owned by Earle Wheeler and Norman Wheeler. Circa 1949.

Beverly, MA:
Doolings Garage, 8-12 Railroad Ave., Beverly, MA. Owned by A.D. Dooling. Circa 1949.

Boston, MA:
Henley-Kimball Boston Massachusetts
Henley-Kimball at 1299 Boylston Street in Boston, MA. Owned by F.A. Ordway and Alec Orr. Click here for more pictures of this dealership.

Boston, MA:
Manning Motors
Manning Motors, 122 Brighton Ave.

Brimfield, MA:
Brimfield Garage, Main Street. Owned by Don Loux. Circa 1949.

Brockton, MA:
Earlets Motor Sales, 42 Cottage Street. Owned by Melvin Earle. Circa 1949.

Brookfield, MA:
Bisnette Motor Sales, Post Road. Owned by Frank O. Bisnette. Circa 1949.

Cambridge, MA:
North Cambridge Motor Sales, Inc., 2355 Massachusetts Ave. Owned by Edward Fitzwilliam. Circa 1949.

Canton, MA:
Wentworth Motors, 395 Washington Street. Owned by John B. Gallant and John. A. Leith. Circa 1949.

Concord, MA:
McKellar MOtors, Inc., 328 Main Street. Owned by F.W. McKellar. Circa 1949.

Dartmouth, MA:
Lawrence's Garage, Horseneck Road. Owned by Myron Lawrence. Circa 1949.

Dennisport, MA:
Dennisport Hudson, Inc., Main St., Route #28. Owned By G.D. Hall. Circa 1949.

Dorchester, MA:
Duby Hudson Company
Duby Hudson Company, 450 Talbot Ave, Dorchester, MA. Owned by J.F. Duby. Circa at least 1949-52. Click here for more pictures and information.

Everett, MA:
C & R Motors, Inc., 1871 Revere Beach Parkway. Owned P.B Ryan. Circa 1949.

Fall River, MA:
Franklin Motors, Inc., 804 Pleasant Street. Owned by Simon Cohen. Circa 1949.

Fayville, MA:
Ted's Auto Service, Turnpike Road. Owned by Reginald Perham. Circa 1949.

Feeding Hills, MA:
DePalma Motor Sales Co., 71 Garden Street. Owned by Louis DePalma. Circa 1949.

Gardner, MA:
Gardner-Hudson Co., 71 West Broadway. Owned by Gordon Saunders. Circa 1949.

Gloucester, MA:
Morendo & Son Motor Sales, 2 Washington Street. Owned by Joseph Morendo. Circa 1949.

Greenfield, MA:
Center & Whitlock, Inc., 12 Deerfield Street. Owned by A.B. Whitlock. Circa 1949.

Groton, MA:
Elm Street Garage, Elm Street. Owned by J.H. Madigan. Sold Buicks and Hudsons (an odd combination?). By 1949 or so they had dropped their Hudson franchise but continued to sell Buicks for many years.

Haverhill, MA:
Bradstreet Motor Sales, 759 Union Street. Owned by Arthur Bradstreet. Circa 1949.

Haverhill, MA:
Jaffarian's Service
Jaffarian's Service, 312 River Street. Dealer Fred "Tokie" Jaffarian in center and his son, Richard, is at right. Opened for business in 1938 but unclear what year Hudson started and ended being sold there. They also sold Rambler, Volve, and Toyota automobiles as well as Dunlop tires. Click here for more history and pictures of this dealership.

Holyoke, MA:
Thompson Motor Co., Inc., Thompson Motor Co., Inc., 1594 Dwight Street. Circa 1949.

Hopkinton, MA:
Irvine Bros., Hayden Road. Owned by Hazel A. Irvine. Circa 1949.

Kingston, MA:
Green & Mills Company, 45 Main Street. Owned by R.J. Green. Circa 1949.

Laurence, MA:
Anderson Wills, Inc., 209 So. Broadway. Owned by J.N. Anderson and J.J. Blotner. Circa 1949.

Leominster, MA:
Mechanic Street Garage, 127 Mechanic Street. Owned by Gedeon Belanger. Circa 1949.

Lowell, MA:
Smith Motors of Lowell, Inc., 590 Middlesex Street. Owned by H.L. Hartley. Circa 1949.

Lynn, MA:
Lynn Hudson Co., Inc., 22 Union Street. Owned by Carl E. Evans. Circa 1949.

Medford, MA:
Dudley Garage, 321 Salem Street. Owned by A.F. Maguire. Circa 1949.

Melrose, MA:
Bellevue Motors, Inc., 142 Franklin Street. Owned by Anthony Cola and W.E. Stevens. Circa 1949.

Middleboro, MA:
Nemasket Auto Co
Nemasket Auto Co., 78 Wareham St (Per 4/11/30 ad.) In business from at least 1913-1930. Click here for more information.

Middleboro, MA:
Young's Garage, West Grove Street. Owned by W.H. Young. Circa 1949.

Milford, MA:
Central Motor Sales, 50 Central Street. Owned by Peter Bertanazzi and D.J. Lombardi. Circa 1949.

Needham Heights, MA:
J.Watson & Son, 835-841 Highland Ave. Owned by J. Watson. Circa 1949.

New Bedford, MA:
Metropolitan Motor Car Exch., 1825 Purchase Street. Owned by Max Fox. Circa 1949.

Newburyport, MA:
Newburyport Garage
Newburyport Garage, Ad featured in Automobile Blue Book (Vol. 2, 1918)

Newburyport, MA:
Shaheen Motors, 11 Bridge Road. Owned by R.J. Shaheen. Circa 1949.

North Adams, MA:
Mohawk Garage, 1-11 Main Street. Owned by Valmore Vadnais. Circa 1949.

Northampton, MA:
Callahan Hudson Co
Callahan Hudson Co., 375 South Street. Owned by James Cahillane. Circa 1949. Went on to be known as Cahillane Motors and sold Hudson through 1957 and then Rambler, Dodge, and Jeep over the years. Click here to read about this building today!

Norwood, MA:
Norwood Sales & service, 1014 Washington St. In business during at least 1951.

Palmer, MA:
Timothy J. Sullivan, across street from 580 main St. Sold Hudson & Essex and Dodge from at leat 1915-21. The son was Robert Michael Sulliva of The Sullivan Companies. Pittsfield, MA:
Milton Motors, Inc. of Pittsfield, 184 South Street. Owned by Milton Selkowitz. Circa 1949.

Quincy, MA:
Washington Street Garage, 16 Washington Street. Owned by N.DePanfilo. Circa 1949.

Salem, MA:
Wills Motor Car Co., 39 Bridge Street. Owned by L.D. Wills. Circa 1949.

Somerville, MA:
Rigazio Bros., Inc., 169 Beacon Street. Owned by J.M. Rigazio. Circa 1949.

Southbridge, MA:
Hamel's Garage, 373 Main Stret. Owned by Alfred Hamel and Joseph Hamel. Circa 1949.

Springfield, MA:
Johnson & Cordner, Inc., 425 St. James Ave. owned by R.J. Johnston and E.A. Cordner. Circa 1949.
Louis Motors, 595 Main Street. Owned by Daniel Cohen and Milford Cohen. Circa 1949.
Moran Hudson Company, 155 Chestnut Street. Owned by William Moran. Circa 1949.

Stow, MA:
F.F. Hanson, RFD Sudbury Road. Owned by F.F. Hanson. Circa 1949.

Swampscott, MA:
Ripley & Fitzpatrick, 26 Puritan Road. Owned by F.J. Ripley and C.R. Fitzpatrick. Circa 1949.

Taunton, MA:
Polikoff's Motor Sales, 40 High Street. Owned by Max Polikoff. Circa 1949.

Uxbridge, MA:
B & W Sales & Service, 75 S. Main Street. Owned by Clarence Bicknell and Harold Worrall. Circa 1949.

Wareham, MA:
Warehan Auto Co. Inc., Sawyer Road. Owned by Karam Haddad. Circa 1949.

Watertown, MA:
Hamlin Motor Sales, 33 Cross Street. Owned by C.S. Hamlin. Circa 1949.

Wellesley, MA:
Wellesley Hills Garage, 376 Washington Street. Owned by Alceo Govoni. Circa 1949.

Westfield, MA:
Williams Auto Co., 37 Franklin Street. Owned by Harry Williams. Circa 1949.

Weymouth, MA:
Weymouth Motor Sales, 352 Bridge Street. Owned by Hyman Feldman. Circa 1949.

Woburn, MA:
Holland Bros., 14-18 Park Street. Owned by D.H. Holland. Circa 1949.

Wollaston, MA:
C.A. Cox Auto Repair
C.A. Cox Auto Repair, 60 Beale St. This business appears on a lot of the Hudson and Rambler brochures, postcards, etc that have recently circulated auction sites.

Worcester, MA:
Henley-Kimball, 244 Park Ave., Worcester, MA. A 1949 New England version of the Hudson Dealers News lists a Henley Kimball Co. at 520 Park Avenue, owned by a Joseph McEvoy.

Worcester, MA:
Day Brothers, 234 Park Avenue. Owned by Clifford Day and Tyler Day. Circa 1949.

Worcester, MA:
L & K Motors
L & K Motors, 5 GRABOWSKI SQ? In business since 1935? Dealer: Jeremiah S. Sheehan?


Albion, MI:
Haines Auto Sales, 926 Austin (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Alpena, MI:
Chet's Super Serive, 1132 W. Chisholm St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Ann Arbor, MI:

This building at 907 N. Main St. housed
Martin Sales & Service during 1946 (Click here for 1946 pictures.) and then
Knoll & Erwin, Inc. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Battle Creek, MI:
Oral H. Olmstead, 14 South Jay St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Bay City, MI:
Tom Tupper, Inc., 1000 Salzburg (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)
Triangle Motor Sales, a Hudson and used car dealer, located at 209-215 Washington in 1942 per Triangle Motor Sales, 804-810 Midland in 1926-31 with P. Glocksine and W. Fitzhugh. See Historical Preservation Document

Birmingham, MI:
820 S. Woodward
Clohset Hudson, 820 S. Woodward, Birmingham (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press, Per Detroit News 02/19/54, and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.) Photo circa 1946. Click here for more pictures.

Other dealerships in Birmingham, MI:
Birmingham Motor Sales, Inc., 912 S. Woodward, Birmingham (Circa 1941.)

Brighton, MI:
James Morgan & Sons, 115-117 Grand River Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press and Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Charlotte, MI:
Beacon Sales And Service
Beacon Sales & Service, Route 6 - On M50 Click here to read an excellent article on this dealership!

Chesaning, MI:
Ammans's Garage
Ammans's Garage, 423 E. Broad St. In business from 1946-1958. Photo may date to July 1954.Click here for more pictures.

Clio, MI:
Austin Hudson Sales, G-11539 N. Saginaw St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Colon, MI:
Hobday Hudson Essex
Hobday Hudson Essex, State St. In business 1923-1934.

Dearborn, MI:
Schaefer Road Hudson Sales, 6340 Schaefer Road (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Detroit, MI:
Aaron DeRoy
Aaron DeRoy (Hudson Distributor), 4444 Cass Ave. and 4445 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI. (Also seen in 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.) He became a Kaiser-Frazer dealer after the war. A Detroit Sunday Times ad from 01/13/35 lists 4462 Woodward at Garfield (Distr. of Hudsons and Terraplanes) and 14937 E. Jefferson (E. Jefferson Branch) as locations. Branches [per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31] included: Downtown Branch Office at 1510 Broadway, East Side Branch at 14937 E. Jefferson, Twelfth Street Branch at 7744 Twelfth St, Mack Avenue Branch at 10940 Mack Ave, Fenkell Ave. Branch at 3036 Fenkell Ave, and Hamtramck Branch at 11672 Jos. Campau. There was also a Parts and Service located at 481 Canfield Ave. W. Click here for more pictures of this distributor/dealership!

Detroit, MI:
Bill Hermann
Bill Hermann, 12845 Fenkell Ave., Detroit, MI (Also seen in Detroit News 02/19/54 and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.) Click here for more pictures and information on this dealership!

Detroit, MI:
Clark & Woolsey
Clark & Woolsey, 6371 W. Fort (Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31), at 7050 W. Fort Street (Per 1933 ad.), and then at 6934 W. Fort St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press ad.). Although there's a '48 or '49 sedan featured in the picture, the back of this postcard was postmarked Aug. 4, 1951. The showroom building at 6934 w Fort remained standing until at least 2014 before being grazed.

Detroit, MI:
Cousins Motor Sales
Cousins Motor Sales, 13133 Jos. Campau, Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI:
Downtown Hudson Co
Downtown Hudson Co, 5940 Cass Ave. Postcard circa 1948. See also Gil Schaefer dealership page.

Detroit, MI:
H.W. Stewart
H.W. Stewart Motor Sales, Gratiot Ave., Detroit, MI. Photo circa 1935 courtesy Nov 1977 WTN.

Detroit, MI:
Hudson Tapert Co
Hudson Tapert Co, 13245 E Jefferson at Coplin. Clipping from July 27, 1950 Grosse Pointe Review. In business 1947-1951.Click here for more pictures and information..

Detroit, MI:
Jerry Lynch
Jerry Lynch, 13245 E. Jefferson (15), Detroit, MI. Jerry Lynch locations also included 3366 Gratiot Avenue (7) as well as 8 Mile Road and Schoenherr. Click here for more photos and ads of this dealership. (Also seen in Detroit News 02/19/54 and February 1954 Detroit Automobile Show Program.)

Detroit, MI:
Mantel Motor Sales
Mantel Motor Sales, 23650 Van Dyke. Photo circa 1946. (Roll mouse over image to see night view.)

Detroit, MI:
Michel Sales & Service
Michel Sales & Service, 14939 E. Jefferson, Detroit (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.) Photo from July 30, 1940.

Detroit, MI:
Rine Motor Sales Co.
Rine Motor Sales Co., 2941 E. Jefferson (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.) J. C. Goss Company occupied the building from 1954 until 1969. Photo circa December 1966. Click here for more pictures!

Detroit, MI:
Teal Brothers
Teal Bros., 13245 East Jefferson. Dealer Names: Herb & Barney Teal. Featured in sept 1953 Hudson Dealer News. In business from at least Dec 1947 through Feb 1954. Click here to view more pictures!

Detroit, MI:
Telotte Motor Sales
Telotte Motor Sales, Dealer: E. Telotte. Believe business was at 8441 Linwood Ave. around 1934 and at 12024 Livernois Ave by 1936.

Detroit, MI:
Walker Motors
Walker Motors, Inc., 13340 Woodward Ave.(Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31) Photo circa 1934. Dealer Name: Nicholas J. Rine. Click here for more pictures!

Whittier Motors
Whittier Motors, 3173 E. Jefferson (7), Detroit, MI. In business from at least 1941-1954. (Also found in Detroit News 02/19/54 and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)

Detroit, MI:
Detroit Michigan
Unknown Dealership, Detroit, MI. This 1927 photo is unidentified. Do you have any information on it? It was featured in a 1973 WTN.

Other dealers in Detroit area and suburbs included:
Barton Motor Sales, 9321 Grand River (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Bob Southern, Walled Lake (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Carl D. Gardner, Inc., 8310 Woodward Ave. (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Chas L. Miller Sales, 8832 Van Dyke (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Cousins Motor Sales, 13133 Jos. Campau St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)
D.W. Terpeney Motor Sales, 11800 Grand River (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Detroit Motor Sales Co., 3655 Michigan Ave. (Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31).
Deutsch Brothers, Inc., 13815 Gratiot Ave.(Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31).
E. & B. Hudson Sales, Inc., 16800 Plymouth Rd. (27) (Per Detroit News 02/19/54 and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
Evans Sales & Service, Inc., 20735 Grand River, Detroit (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
East Detroit Motor Sales, 24717 Gratiot, East Detroit (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Frank Hammond Motor Sales, Inc. 15400 Livernois (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.) Also located at 13105 Gratiot at some point?)
Fred H. Genthe, 10975 W. Jefferson (Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31)
Gil Schaefer Downtown Hudson Co., 5940 Cass Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)
Hamer-Heath Co., 10330 Grand River, Detroit (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times and 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Hodges Auto Sales, 23048 Woodward Ave (Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31).
Hollister Motor Sales, 5236 Grand River (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.) Dealer Name: R.W. Hollister (1933 ad)
Hudson Sales Corp., 11148 Harper (13) (Per Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
Jack Beckert, Inc., 5935 Grand River Ave. (Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31).
Jim Golds, 13105 Gratiot Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)
John R. Taylor, At 10440 Grand River Ave (Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31) and then at 14812 Grand River (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Kaiser Motor Sales, 10940 Mack Ave. (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Kochaniec Sales & Service, 23830 Reid Hwy at Schoenherr Road, East Detroit Dealer Name: George Kochaniec & George Barnusky. Seen in 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad, 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press, Detroit News 02/19/54, and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.
L.L. Woodward Motor Sales, 1026 N. McEwan, Clare (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)
Lavigne Auto Sales, 12800 Mack Ave., Detroit (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.) and then at 14201 E. Warren (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press,Detroit News 02/19/54, and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
Marco Motor Sales, 7023 Gratiot (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Mathews-Stewart Motor Sales Corp., 3125 Gratiot (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Miller Auto Sales, Inc., 2660 S. Main St., Adrian (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)
O-K Hudson Sales, Inc., 25161 Grand River (19) (Per Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
Parkdale Garage, N. Manistee, Manistee (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)
Raymond Motor Sales, 13101 Gratiot Ave., Detroit (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Raynal Bros., 9103 Chalmers Ave.(Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31)
Roy M. Heat Co., 10330 Grand River Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)
Royal Motor Sales, Inc., 8770 Linwood Ave., Detroit (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Sarb Motor Sales, Inc., 6640 Michigan (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press, Detroit News 02/19/54, and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
Schneeman, Krusell & Cunningham, 22027 Grand River(Per Detroit Free Press 1/18/31).
Schroeder Sales & Service, 20703 Chalmers ave in 1933 ad, then 20703 Gratiot AVe. [East Detroit] per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.
Schultz Motor Sales, 12579 Gratiot (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Simpson Sales & Service, 20616 Schoolcraft (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Spicer Hudson Sales, 16700 Grand River Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)
Unknown Dealership Name, 10865 Devine, Detroit
Victoria Hudson Sales, 13505 Jos. Campau Dealer Name: Stanley Pilarski. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54 and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)

The National Automotive History Collection Of Detroit, MI is located at the Skillman Branch Library in Downtown Detroit. It is open to the public for research. They have a web site, "" Click here to e-mail them.

Dimondale, MI:
Richter's Sales (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Ecorse, MI:
Guy's Sales & Service, 3896 W. Jefferson, Ecorse (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Kromrei Motors, 3965 W. Jefferson (Per Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)

Farmington, MI:
Tavern Auto Sales, 28001 Grand River, Farmington (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press, Detroit News 02/19/54, and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
William M. Shaw, 20921 Oxford, Farmington (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)

Ferndale, MI:
Slusser Motor Sales
Slusser Motor Sales, 21422 Woodward Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Ferndale, MI:
Pierce Sales & Service, 22433 Woodward AVe., Ferndale (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Reynold-Slusser Motor Sales, 21429 Woodward (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)

Flint, MI:
Les Norman
Les Norman Hudson, 1314 N Saginaw St, Flint MI - Circa 1948. Click here to view showroom picture. (Also seen in 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Other dealerships in Flint included:
Lacina Bros., G-4031 S. Saginaw (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Grand Rapids, MI:
Bowman & Trautman Hudson Essex
Bowman & Trautman Hudson Essex, 1519 Plainfield N.E. Date of photo unknown. The Bowman & Trautman company had several address over the years. Please click here for further details and more pictures!

Grand Rapids, MI:
Creston Hudson-Essex Sales
Creston Hudson-Essex Sales, 1208 Monroe Ave.NW. (Corner Leonard and Monroe). Photo features 1929 Dover sold by dealership. Dealership would become known as Creston Motor Sales per 1937 newspaper ad. See Grove Garage Hudson & Essex to view Monroe Ave building under previous ownership.

Grand Rapids, MI:
Gil Schaefer
Gil Schaefer, Inc., 101 Weston. In business from at least 1946-1955. This address previously housed Bowman & Trautman Hudson Essex, years unknown. Click here for more pictures.

Grand Rapids, MI:
Grove Garage Hudson & Essex
Grove Garage Hudson & Essex, 1208 Monroe Ave. NW. Photo circa 1926, courtesy Grand Rapids Museum & Library. Dealership would later become Creston Hudson-Essex Sales.

Grand Rapids, MI:
Verschoor Hudson & Essex
Verschoor Hudson & Essex, 1590 Leonard St NW (Walker and Leonard Road N.W.). IN business from 1925-1954. Also known as Verschoor Motor Sales. Click here for more pictures.

Grand Rapids, MI:
Westside Hudson & Essex
Westside Hudson & Essex, 321 Bridge St. N.W.

Other dealerships in Grand Rapids, MI included:
East Grand Rapids Auto Sales, 648 Lovett St. (Circa 1937.)
Home Acres Motor Sales, Division Rd. in Home Acres (Circa 1937.)
L.J. Holland, 430 Bridge St. W (Circa 1937.)
Lawrence Colegrove, 220-222 Ionia NW across from City Hall. During at least 1919.
Milt Brewer Auto Sales, 2240 Division Ave. S (Circa 1937.)
Modern Sales & Service, 1041 Fulton St. SE (Circa 1937.)
O.J. Arnold & Sons, 320 State St. SE (Circa 1937.)
Oakdale Garage, 1439 Eastern Ave. SE (Circa 1937.)
Paul M Hutchings, 220-222 Ionia Ave. NW. Circa 1920-1923.

Hamtramck, MI:
Victoria Motor Sales
Victoria Motor Sales. circa 1950

Hamtramck, MI:
Ryniewicz Motor Sales, 11941 Jos. Campau (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)

Highland Park, MI:
Walker Motors, Inc., 13340 Woodward, Highland Park (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.) and then 16430 Woodward, Highland Park as well as 8832 Van Dyke, Detroit (Both per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad and 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.

Hillsdale, MI:
Rick Motor Sales, 87 E. Carleton Rd. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Holland, MI:

Holland Hudson & Essex, 26 N. 9th St (9th & River) in Holland, MI from 1924-1934. Click here for more information..

Ionia, MI:
Smith & Blesma Sales, South Bridge St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Jackson, MI:
Ordway's Sales & Service
Ordway's Sales & Service, 302-308 W. Prospect St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press and Detroit News 02/19/54.) Photo shows fleet of police Jets owned by City of Jackson, Michigan posed with (Left to Right) Gifford M. Ordway, Hudson dealer; Roscoe Gray, Chief of Police and Joseph Warren, City Manager.

Jackson, MI:
Temple Garage
Temple Garage, 142-146 W. Cortland St., Jackson, MI.
The business opened February 1911 with William J. Hauser serving as its manager. The store sold both the Chalmers motor car and the Hupmobile. It also sold Fisk tires. On Feb. 16-21, 1915, the garage was the site of Jackson's first car show. The Jackson Retail Auto Dealers Association hosted the event to showcase 10 different companies. The public was invited free of charge to see the newest products on the market. The Temple Garage was a successful store, combining car sales, auto accessories and repair service [on any kind of vehicle]. It was verified by the Jackson, MI library that it operated as a Hudson dealership at least during 1914 to 1918.

Laingsburg, MI:
Wauvle Motor Sales (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Lake Orion, MI:
Dickson Motor Sales, 89 M-24 Highway (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Lapeer, MI:
Bill Coller Supplies (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Lansing, MI:
Eppler & McCarrick, 1023 S. Washington St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press and Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Lincoln Park, MI:
Lincoln Park Hudson Sales & Service, 3309 Fort St., Lincoln Park(Per Detroit News 02/19/54 and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
Lucy's Sales & Service, 2084 Dix Rd. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Marine City, MI:
Lavigne Auto Srevice, 1229 Parker St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Marlette, MI:
Nichol Hudson Sales, 6415 Morris St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Marquette, MI:
Specker Motor Sales
Specker Motor Sales of Marquette, MI
Bernard Specker started as a dealer during the depression in 1930. In '49 he stated, "I made money all during the depression. I still have my health and I am willing to go out and get business... I am betting $75,000 on my future as Hudson dealer and I expect to make my investment twenty times over." After three years of planning, the photos below show the new building and all modern facilities, proving his confidence in Hudson and the business future. He and his staff designed the building to make the best possible place of business for new car and service customers. As a result of their efforts, sales during 1953 were well over the previous year. Specker [said] that "our extra sales were made possible by our new facilities and having the Jet. The Jet is too much under rated by some dealers." Click here for more photos of this dealership!

Marshall, MI:
M.D. Thomas, 411 E. Michigan (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Merrill, MI:
Merrill Garage of Merrill, MI

Monroe, MI:
Bell Motor Sales, 739 S, Monroe St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Mt. Clemens, MI:
Mt. Clemens Hudson
Mt. Clemens Hudson, 200 S. Gratiot

Mt. Clemens, MI:
Bath City Garage, 22-4-6 Pine, Mt. Clemens (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
M & M Motor Sales, Inc., 165 N. Gratiot Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Mt. Pleasant, MI:
Archey Bros. Sales & Service, 1016 Mission St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

New Baltimore, MI:
Mitchell Motor Sales, Bedford and Green Sts. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Niles, MI:
Babcock Motors, 1301 E. Main St. Owned by H.F. Babcock. In business from at least 1950-1956. Area is still a residential neighborhood as it was back then. The building was v-shaped to fit the lot.

Northville, MI:
A.M. Zimmer (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Barry Motor Sales, 117 Church St. (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)

Oscoda, MI:
Frank Heinz Service, 427 State St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Owosso, MI:
Ockerman Sales & Service, 216 S. Washington (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.) and then at 7500 South M-47 (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Petoskey, MI:
W.B. Sydow & Sons, 411 Michigan Ave. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Plymouth, MI:
Smith Motor Sales Co., 285 No. Main, Plymouth (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times and 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Smith Motor Sales, Inc., 285 N. Main St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.) and then at 985 West Ann Arbor Road (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.) Pontaic, MI:
Ben Meredith, 58 W. Pike St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)
Jacobson's Motor Sales, 58 W. Pike Ave., Pontiac (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)
Page & McLain, W. Pike and Cass, Pontiac (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times and 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)

Port Huron, MI:
H & H Auto Sales
H & H Auto Sales, 319 Broad St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Richmond, MI:
M & M Motor Sales, Inc., 82 S. Main St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

River Rogue, MI:
Square Deal Garage, 10708 W. Jefferson (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)

Rogers City, MI:
Elmer G. Radka, 4th and Erie Sts. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Rosedale, MI:
Boske's Garage, 27371 Gratiot, (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.) and again at 27371 Gratiot, Roseville (Per Detroit News 02/19/54 and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)

Roseville, MI:
Boske's Garage, 27371 Gratiot Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Royal Oak, MI:
Cal Gray Motor Sales, 221 No. Main, Royal Oak (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad.)
Royal Oak Hudson, Inc., 1037 S. Main St. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.) and then at 1019 N. Main (Per Detroit News 02/19/54 and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
St. Clair, MI:
Mitchell Motor Sales, 516 Riverside Drive (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

St. Johns, MI:
Brauher Hudson Sales & Service, North U.S. 27 (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press and Detroit News 02/19/54.)

St. Joseph (Benton Harbor), MI:
St. Joseph Co. Hudson-Essex
St. Joseph Co. Hudson-Essex, 159-161 W. Main. Dealer: G.A. Browne. Also an advertisement in The News Palladium January 28, 1927

Sandusky, MI:
Ball Farm Equipment, 288-294 S. Elk St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Sanford, MI:
Allen J. Cole (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Sault Ste. Marie, MI:
Superior Sales Company, 160 Ridge St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Springport, MI:
C.W. Snow (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Standish, MI:
B.J. Senske & Sons (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Sturgis, MI:
Blake Motor Service
Blake Motor Service, 1205 W. Chicago Rd. In business during at least 1949.

Three Rivers, MI:
Ace Motor Service, 706 Jefferson Ave. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Traverse City, MI:
Brown & Collins Hudson Sales, 602 East 8th St. (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Utica, MI:
Kamlowske & Ott, 4551 Van Dyke (Per 03/30/41 Detroit area newspaper ad and 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Van Dyke, MI:
Mantel Motor Sales Co., 23650 Van Dyke Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Walled Lake, MI:
Walled Lake Hudson Sales, Pontiac and Maple Roads (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.) and then at Maple Road (Per Detroit News 02/19/54.)

Wayne, MI:
Rathburn Motor Sales, 34126 Michigan Ave., Wayne (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Wayne Hudson Sales, Inc., 34824 Michigan Ave. (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Wheeler, MI:
Ellsworth Sales & Service
Ellsworth Sales & Service, Wheeler, MI. I believe they went on to sell Buick, and now building is still there but unused. Also was a Studebaker dealer there thru the 1970s. It's a small town without a stoplight.

Wyandotte, MI:
E. Bailey Hudson Sales, 1801 Eureka, Wyandotte(Per Detroit News 02/19/54 and Detroit Automobile Show Program from 02/20-28/1954.)
Wyandotte Motor Service, Inc., 1830 Biddle, Wyandotte (Per 01/13/35 Detroit Sunday Times.)
Wyandotte Hudson, Inc., 3303 Biddle (Per 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press.)

Ypsilanti, MI:
Ypsilanti Heritage Museum
Hudson Sales & Service, 100 E. Cross St., Ypsilanti, MI
From 1927 thru 1958 it was known as Hudson Sales & Service, then as Miller Motor Sales after the merger. They sold 1,969 new Hudson Essex, Terraplane,Rambler, Met's and one new '57 Nash. Dealership has never closed and is still open today and operating as the Ypsilanti Heritage Museum. If you haven't had a chance to visit, I highly recommend it. The museum has some nice Hudsons, Kaiser-Frazers, a Tucker replica, memorabilia, and more. The curator, Jack Miller, is a wealth of information! Click here for a visitors collection of pics. (Also seen in 12/07/47 Detroit Free Press and Detroit News 02/19/54.)


Barnesville, MN:
Berg Brothers Motors 1920s

Duluth, MN:
Hutchinson's, 324 East Superior St. In business 1953-1954.

Fergus Falls, MN:

Nelson Motor Co, N. Broadway.

Minneapolis, MN:
Barron-Hamilton Motor Co
Barron-Hamilton Motor Co 2137-39 Lowry Ave. No. The Minneapolis Star August 6, 1937 and May 25, 1938

Minneapolis, MN:
Hencir Motors
Hencir Motors, 2616 W. Broadway. In business from at least 1948. Still in business as a Rambler Sales & Service per a 1959 Minneapolis, MN telephone book. Click here for more information and pictures!

Minneapolis, MN:
Hornibrook Company, St. Cloud, MN. In Hudson business from 1921-1946, when Hudson cancelled the affiliation due to outdated facilities. The 1947 photo shows newly remodeled dealership. Hornibrook sold Kaiser-Frazer from 1947-1954. This overlapped with Hudsons sales that continued again from 1953. In 1955, Willard Hornibrook allowed his oldest son, James, to take over the business. In 1972, due to Jim's passing, the business was sold to Kampa Motors, also of St. Cloud, Minnesota, who maintained the American Motors Company franchise. (This information was paraphrased from the Nov/Dec 2003 WTN. Please pick up a back issue to read complete story.)

Minneapolis, MN:
Hudson Minneapolis, Inc
Hudson Minneapolis, Inc., 1416-1420 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, Minnesota. In business during at least 1949. O'Donnel Motor Company was located here in earlier years. Click here for more information and pictures.

Minneapolis, MN:
Hudson Sales Corp
Hudson Sales Corp., 4100 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minnesota. This building is now occupied by Industrial Lumber and Supply.

Minneapolis, MN:
Lyndale Automotive Company
Lyndale Automotive Company, 3610 Lyndale Ave. S - Photo circa 1941. In business from around 1924 thru 1956. Click here for more pictures and information!

Minneapolis, MN:
O'Donnel Motor Company
O'Donnel Motor Company, 1416-1420 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN. The 1937 photo shows Terraplanes ready to be delivered to the St. Paul Police Dept. Hudson Minneapolis, Inc was located here in later years. Click here for more information and pictures.

Minneapolis, MN:
Twin Motor Car Company
Twin City Motor Car Company (Dist), 1420 Harmon Place, Dealer: H.L. Schaefer. In business from 1911-1931, located in Minneapolis from at least 1916-1931. Click here for more pictures and information! See also St. Paul, MN listing.

Minneapolis, MN:
Alco Motor Sales Co. circa 1910
Bloomington Motors, 9619 lyndale Ave
Central Hudson Sales
Hudson Sales of Minnesota, 907 Hannepin Ave. Circa 1912.
Lunderberg Motor Co., 5009 Xerces South. Circa 1951
Twin Motor Company, 107 S. Tenth Street

Minnesota Lake, MN:
Minnesota Lake Auto & Supp. Co. [Contact editor with more information on this dealership!]

Montevideo, MN:
H.H. Sconberg. Died of asphyxiation due to auto running in garage! Listed as a Patron in Great epochs in American history.

Cordell Motors, 1246 first Ave. N. (later at 2525 Hwy. 10 E.?) Featured in 1956 HMC Owners Report and still in business through at least 1963 selling Studebakers.

New London:
Stenbakken Oil Company. [Please contact webmaster with more information on this dealership!]

St. Paul, MN:
St. Paul Hudson Inc.
St. Paul Hudson, Inc., 119 University Ave. Photo from Feb 15, 1954 Automotive News.

St. Paul, MN:
Twin Motor Car Company
Twin Motor Car Company (Dist), 183 W. Sixth St., Dealer: H.L. Schaefer. In business from 1911-1931, at this location from at least March 1920-1931 See listing under Minneapolis, MN.

St. Peter, MN:
Remme Hudson Sales, Owned by A.A. Remme. Circa 1954.

West Concord, MN:
Bloomquist Garage: West Concord, MN

Winona, MN:

Jos. Albel, Winona, MN. Announced as new dealer in The Hudson Triangle, Vol.1 Number 8, December 2, 1911.


Biloxi, MS:
Sadler Motor Co
Sadler Motor Co., Biloxi, MS. In photo, Herbert McDonnel, Chief of Police of Biloxi, accept keys to Hudson Jet from E.W. Sadler, Hudson dealer in that city.

Clarksdale, MS:
Clarksdale Hudson Co
Clarksdale Hudson Co., 313 Sunflower, Clarksdale, MS. Ad from The Delta Farm Press, April 8, 1948.

Jackson, MS:
McLaurin, 712 S. State St. Photo from 7-23-1947. Dealer Name: Max McLaurin.

This building is now Big 10 Tires and Accessories. Big Tires has been in business since 1952, but with several locations, I don't know wether or not they've been in this particular building that long.


Booneville, MO:
Esser Motor Co., 304 Sixth St. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Carrollton, MO:
W.F. Heins Motor Co.
W.F. Heins Motor Co., 200 East Benton St, Carrollton, MO. Campbell's Custom Wood Design is currently in the building. Move cursor over picture to see what the building looks like today!

Charleston, MO:
Charleston Motor Co., 217-19 W. Commercial (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Columbia, MO:
Woodward Impl. Co., Highway 40 (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Crystal City, MO:
Holt Motor Co., 22 Jefferson AVe. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Desoto, MO:
Bray Motor & Impl. Co., 1224 N. Main (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Dexter, MO:
D.M.C. Motor Co., Highway 60 West (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Ellisville, MO:
Weber Garage (County Dealer per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)

Flat River, MO:
Gammon Motor Co., 1 Coffman St. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Fredericktown, MO:
Senter Motor Co., N. Mine-la-motte Ave. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Hannibal, MO:
Fletcher Buick-Hudson
Fletcher Buick-Hudson Dealership, 300 block of N. Third Street, Hannibal, MT. Photo circa 1939. The building in the background would be demolished in 1942 to make way for the Mark Twain Dinette at 400 N. 3rd. Just above the background building, the lighthouse atop Cardiff Hill can be seen. The Mark Twain Dinette is still open for business today!

Other dealerships in Hannibal included:
Harrison Motor Co, 3716 McMasters Ave. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Kansas City, MO:
Hudson - Brace Motor Company
Hudson - Brace Motor Company, 27th & Main Sts (circa 1931, building gone) and 1717 Magee St (circa 1937, building still there). In business during at least April 1917 thru Nov 1937. William James Brace, or William Brace, was born on Nov. 22, 1875, in Lathrop, Mo. He was educated in Grammar school. Brace was Operating Receiver for Cleaner Combine Harvester Corp. in Independence, Mo. and moved to Kansas City in the 1890s. He was an office boy and order clerk for the John Deere Plow Company in Kansas City, Mo. from 1895-1902. He also became a traveling salesmen until he started in the automobile business in 1912 and in 1914 organizing the Hudson-Brace company, selling Hudson cars and adding Essex cars in 1919. He was the President of the Hudson-Brace Motor Company and "president of the National Motor Car Dealers' Association." Brace was a "Director of the Chamber of Commerce and had extensive oil and lumber interests." Brace was also a "civic and charitable leader" as a "major supporter of the Nelson Art Gallery and the Kansas City Cradle" and the Westport Historical Society for restoration of the Harris-Kearney House through his trust fund. Hal Brace took over as dealer, assumably a son. References found in Hudson Triangles Vol.9 No.9 of Dec 1919, Vol.9 No.20 of Feb 1920, Vol.9 No.23 and No.24 of March 1920, Vol.9 No.29 and NO.32 of May 1920, Vol.9 No.48 of Oct 1920, and Vol.10 No.14 of Nov 1921 are several but not all appearances.

Kansas City, MO:
Ralph Knight
Ralph Knight, 2701 Main St, Kansas City, MO: Photo also featured in Sept/Oct 1983 WTN.

Kansas City, MO:
1949 Miss Colorado Sylvia Canaday
This picture of Miss Colorado (Sylvia Canaday) and her Hudson was taken on August 30, 1949, less than two weeks before she would place as 3rd runner up for the 23rd Miss America Pageant. Possibly taken during the American Royal festivities, a livestock event.

Kirkland, MO:
Wallace Auto Co. (County Dealer per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)

Lebanon, MO:
Dean-Jacobs Motor Co., Inc., Highway 66 & Jackson St. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Lemay, MO:
Franke Auto Sales
Franke Auto Sales, Telegraph Rd. & Meramec River (Per 1950 Car Show brochure and St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.) In business 1947-1950.

Mexico, MO:
Hollingsworth Impl. Co., Highway 54 East (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Moberly, MO:
Orschein Motor & Equipment Co., 1525 N. Morley (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Poplar Bluff, MO:
Gowen Motor Co.100 Bartlett St. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Potosi, MO:
Long Sales & Service Co. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Rolla, MO:
Ozark Equipment Co., Highway 66 and 63 (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Sikeston, MO:
Limbaugh's Garage, 205 E. Malone Ave. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

St. Charles, MO:
Charles F. Garzweiler Motors (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)
St. Charles Eqp. Co., 2126 West Clay (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

St. Louis, MO:
Arthur R. Lindberg, Inc.
Arthur R. Lindberg, Inc., 3556 Lindell, St. Louis, MO. Not much traffic for busy St. Louis. The car in the forefront, a rare 1942 Plymouth Black-Out model. One car visibile through the plate glass window. A small poster, in the curved glass beneath the 3556 address, introduces the new 1946 Hudson. Photo probably from late 1945.

St. Louis, MO:
Burgdorf Motor Co.
Burgdorf Motor Co., 2719-29 S. Jefferson Ave. (Also seen in St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.) In business 1938-1951.

St. Louis, MO:
Empire Motor Co
Empire Motor Co., 4114 Natural Bridge, St. Louis, MO. Henry “Harry” Nicholas Bohr Hudson-Essex dealer was believed to be in business from at least 1921 through the 1930’s. Clipping is believed to be from The Post Dispatch (or Post Star?) of St. Louis from Feb.1931

St. Louis, MO:
Hudson-Frampton Motor Car Co
Hudson-Frampton Motor Car Co., 4525 Delmar Blvd. Envelope postmarked 1932 and also seen in 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.

St. Louis, MO:
Hudson-Lindell At Grand Inc
Hudson-Lindell At Grand Inc., 3540 Lindell Blvd. (Address shown on both business card and a 1950 Car Show brochure. However, St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51 shows 3550.)

Other St. Louis city dealers included:
B & H Auto Repair & Service Station, 8014 Gravois (County Dealer per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)
Ben Stepman Motor Co., Inc., 6250 Page Blvd. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)
Haas Auto Co., 5970 Southwest Ave. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)
J.H. Brown & Sons, Halls Ferry Road (County Dealer per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)
Keller-Fletcher Motors, Inc., 4983 Natural Bridge (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)
McMahon Motor Sales, 3340 S. Jefferson (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)
Pallen Motors, Inc., 5967 Delmar Blvd. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)
Southwest Motor & Truck Co., 4022 West Pine Blvd. (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)


Baker, MT:

Parkway Garage Hudson
Baker Hudson-Essex Co In business from at least 1925-1930. Clipping from 1930.

Browning, MT:

Parkway Garage Hudson
Parkway Garage aka Parkway Auto Sales, SE Boundary St. Circa 1950s. Click here for more pictures.

Butte, MT:
Price Motor Company
Price Motor Company. Photo circa 1940. Appeared in July/August 1989 WTN.

Glasgow, MT:
Hudson Terraplane Sales
Hudson Terraplane Sales

Helena, MT:
T.C. Power Motor Co Read about Thomas Charles Power and the T.C. Power Mansion.

Kalispell, MT:
Montana Motor Sales (Per 12/01/35 Seattle Sunday Times newspaper ad.)

Laurel, MT:
George Smith
Smith's Chevron Service Station, 317 E. Main St., Laurel, MT. George Smith built and owned the Chevron service station located here, which was also a Hudson dealership and an American Motors dealership. The building was erected in 1944. It now houses Auto Connection.




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