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America's top automobile publications have given the Hudson Jet some of the hightest praise ever given to an American automobile. Not only have the inside pages given their praise but some have devoted covers and special pages to this Hudson product. Many of these magazines have been highly critical of Detroit products in the past and have proclaimed some foreign product as better than their American motor counterparts. But the Jet has been the apple of the many of the best automotive journalistic eyes.

Suggested Reading

Owner Manual Hudson Jet Owner Manual by Hudson Motor Car Company. Click here to view servicing information based on the Owner's Manual, Mechanical Procedure Manual, and additional sources. Mechanical Procedure Manual Mechanical Procedure Manual. Click here to view servicing information based on this Mechanical Procedure Manual, Owner's Manual, and additional sources.
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Motor Trend, March 1953 Motor Trend, March 1953. A small image of a Jet is on the front cover and a brief article, "Hudson Aims at the Low Price Market" is within. Popular Science, April 1953 Francis, Devon. "Hudson Brings Out Most Powerful Small Car". Popular Science, April 1953. Pages 124-126.
Motor World, April 24 1953 Motor World, April 24 1953. Front cover features Hudson Jet. Road & Track, June 1953 Road & Track, June 1953. vol. 4, No. 10.
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Kit Foster's Carport: Automotive article site features "When You're a Jet" Motoring Memories article by Bill Vance reflects on the 1953-1954 Hudson Jet.
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