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courtesy Hudson Service Merchandiser Vol. 5, No. 6, June 1953.
[See photo, right.]

Shown on the podium here is Mr. Wilbert E. Aalto of P.O. Service, Hudson Dealer at Reedley, California, acquainting the students of the above schools with the details of the new Hudson Jet that has aroused the interest of youth everywhere. Present day youth not only are the buyers of tomorrow, but are a big factor in influencing their parents in the choice of motor cars today. [Congratulations] on this unique procedure of sales promotion.

Mr. Aalto's friends and family add the following:
Wilbert Everet Aalto, aka "Bozo" passed away August 27th, 2008. Bozo was known as Mr. Reedley, as in Reedley, California where he was born and lived for 93 years. He was given the nickname "Bozo" by his junior high school basketball coach, well before the famous clown came around, when the name just meant "a guy". Over the years, he became the guy to see if you wanted to get something done around town. He was a farmer, a father, a car salesman and the chief of the Reedley fire department. He sold his dealership in the late 1950’s after the Nash takeover and began selling cars for Marten’s Chevrolet also in Reedley. He sat on the board of directors of numerous organizations, helped start the yearly Reedley Fiesta celebration and the Reedley airport. He played the bass drum for years in the Reedley community band, reigned as "King of Reedley" for one year and canned the most kick ass hot peppers that you have ever tasted. He was also featured on the cover of the Gluey Brothers album, "Stiff for the Elders".

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At left, a photo taken around 1954 of Hudson Jet Squad Car in Lincoln, Illinois at the intersection of Pulaski and Kickapoo Streets. A clearer version of this photo allows the viewer to see the license on the Hudson squad car as "M4147." More information on this photo as well as Route 66 era Lincoln, Illinois can be found by clicking on photo.
HUDSON JET AWARDED AS GRAND PRIZE, courtesy Hudson Service Merchandiser Vol. 5, No. 10, October 1953. Pictured [at right] is the Rev. L. Leinhauser, of St. Joseph's Church, Coal Springs, Kentucky, presenting the keys of first prize -a super Jet Sedan- to Mr. J. Frommeyer at the conclusion of a festival. Looking on is B.A. Kroger, Parts and Service Manager, Cincinnati Zone. An attractive display of the Hudson Jet was arranged and manned by Cincinnati hudson Sales Corporation personnel during the festival, resulting in much favorable comment and numerous good prospects. The prize car was furnished through the cooperation of Cliff Howard Hudson Sales and Service, Newport, Kentucky.
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Custom Tail Lights
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This 1953 Hudson Super Jet is located at the National Auto Museum in Reno, Nevada.

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