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History of Hudson Dealerships





Aliquippa, PA:
Mayton & Wagner Sales and Service, 124 Kiehl Street (side street from the main street within two blocks of "Aliquippa's Y" which was the main entrance to the Jones and Laughlin Steel Mill). In business from 1946 to the end of Hudson in 1957. Pictured was advertised as an Italian Collecton of the "Banthrico Autobank Car" group, a metal promotional toy car coin bank. From left to right, first one unknown, County National Savings Bank, People's Bank & Trust Co, and Mayton & Wagner.

Click here to view historical pictures and information of Aliquippa.

Altoona, PA:
Fiore Motors
Fiore Motors

Altoona, PA:
Mierley Motor Co
Mierley Motor Co, 115 Union Ave, Altoona, PA started out as a NASH/HUDSON dealership in 1949 and ended as an American Motors store in 1983. Click here to view a Javelin invoice and more!.

Ardmore/Bryn Mawr, PA:
Wm. C. Wilcutts
Wm. C. Wilcutts, 373 or 575 Lancaster Ave?, intersection of Ardmore Ave & Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA. Photo circa 2001. Building was torn down in 2009 to rationalize the intersection. Was in business during at least 1946 and possibly through 1954.

Beaverton, PA:
Aumiller's Garage
Aumiller's Garage in Beaverton, PA
After his Honorable Seperation from the U.S. Army after his WWI overseas tour, Charles Aumiller built this garage at the East end of town. This snapshot was taken about 1920. It is hard to see, but the high sign says HUDSON-ESSEX. Also, notice the car to the right of the photo. Charles was easy going and extended too much credit, and was forced out of business in 1930, when Guy Narehood and Dave Rowe bought this business and named it the Super Service Garage.

In 1946, after WWII, Charles Aumiller open a Sunoco gas station which he called the "West End Service Station", and continued to operate this franchise in Beavertown until 1951. It was located in a nice one story building which is now 520 West Market Street. He also operated another Sunoco station in Middleburg during 1947 and 1948.

Bristol, PA:
Beaver Auto Sales, Beaver at New Buckley St, Bristol, PA

Carnegie, PA:
Deacon Motor Sales
Deacon Motor Sales, 1 Dick Street, Carnegie, PA. Picture shows a lineup of new 1955 Hudsons.

Clairton, PA:
Nickolich Hudson Garage
Nickolich Motors, 500 Miller Ave. Circa 1946.

Culmerville, PA:
Benke Motor Co
Benke Motor Co., Tarentum and Culmerville, PA. In photo, John C. Benke, dealer, poses with Albert Sabatini, Chief of Police. This is listed under Tarentum, PA as well.

Dallas, PA:
James R. Oliver
James R. Oliver, 25 Main St. For many years one of the best known figures in automotive circles in Northeastern Pennsylvania, James R. Oliver of Dallas this week became a dealer of new Hudson and Terraplane automobiles. Mr. Oliver is also a dealer for Packards. - Clipped from The Dallas Post, February 11, 1938. At the James R. Oliver car dealership in Dallas, a brand new 1940 Hudson Six sold for $670. - Clipped from The Dallas Post, October 18, 1939. Automobile glass and milady’s complexion are beautified by the same substance – rouge. In the window glass department at the Hudson Motor Car Company in Detroit, a rouge-filled felt wheel is used to polish out small scratches incurred during shipment of the safety glass for one of the Hudsons being readied for shipment to James R. Oliver, Dallas. - Clipped from The Dallas Post, January 24, 1940. Building is now the Dallas Burough Municipal Building.

Dunmore, PA:
Boland Motor
Boland Motor, 431 Drucker St. In business from at least 1937-1949. Click here for more pictures and information.

Duryea, PA:
W.E. NaylorW.E. Naylor
W.E.Naylor Garage, 860 Main St. Duryea, PA. Click here for pictures of the dealership!

Erie, PA:
C.O. Birkland Motor Co., May have also been refered to as Birkland Auto. Circa 1948? The facility evolved into a Yale and Towne Forklift Garage with a Body shop Business out back until around 1970, then it sat empty a few years until being torn down for a new block development.

Flourtown, PA:
Hodges Motors
Hodges Motors, corner of Bethlehem Pike & Haws Lane, Flourtown, PA. The building was erected in 1930 and the earliest business dates to 1931, being operated as the Erdenheim Garage, although wether it operated as Hudson at that time is uncertain. It was bought by Franklin and Violet Hodges in 1945 and they operated it as Hodges Motors until 1951 when it was sold to Adolf Lindquist. Lindquist coverted the building into the 8-lane "Flour Bowl" bowling alley. In 1961 a larger bowling alley in Flourtown put the Flour Bowl out of business, and Mr. Lindquist converted the building into the "Comet" Car wash, which opened in 1962. In 1969, he rented the building out to another car wash operator, who bought him out at the end of his lease in 1971. It has remained a car wash to this day.

Freeland, PA:
Feussner, 200 East South Street, Freeland, PA. Opened in 1945 doing mechanical work and also selling used cars. Became Hudson dealer from 1949 to 1954. In 1954, became a Ford dealer and still operated to this day in the same location. Visit their website for an expanded history!

Germantown, PA:
Green Motor Co.
Green Motor Co., 5301 Greene St. at Queen Lane, Germantown, PA.

Glassport, PA:
Glassport Central Garage
Glassport Central Garage, 502-504 Monongahela Avenue, Circa 1938-1951. Advertised in the high school year book during at least 1943, 1944, and 1953 (per Glassport Business History)>. Location is now Ray Massung Autobody

Greensburg, PA:
Beehner's Garage
Beehner's Garage, 720 West Newton Street, Greensburg, PA.

Wildasin's Garage
Wildasin's Garage, 298 Frederick St., Hanover, PA

Harmony, PA:
Roy Bhame, Harmony, PA. Open for business in at least 1928.

Harrisburg, PA:
Fawber's Garage
Fawber's Garage Hudson Sales and Service, 4580 Jonestown Road, Harrisburg, PA. In the mid to late 1960's it became 4610 Jonestown Road. After the Hudson garage, it later became a Rambler and AMC dealership which ended around 1970 when AMC cut back on dealarships. The building hasn't changed much and currently exists as a Tires Plus.

Harrisburg, PA:
Hudson Harrisburg Motors 728 S Cameron St. circa 1940 and then 627 N Cameron St circa 1941.

Harrison City, PA:
Harrison City Garage
Harrison City Garage. Circa 1930-1937. Possibly as early as 1921.

Huntingdon, PA:
A. L. Westbrook, 517-519 Mifflin Street. Click here to view invoices from dealership!

Indiana, PA:
Marcus Motors, 20 South Fifth St., Indiana, PA. (From a '55 Hudson Rambler new model invitation.)

Jefferson, PA:
Sahady Motor Service
Sahady Motor Service/ Sahady Garage, Pine & Green St. (Current address known as 1432 Jefferson Road) Circa 1950?-1953?. Continued to sell other cars through 1960. Bulding later became Yanak Lanes bowling alley.

Johnstown, PA:
N.O. Smith Garage
N.O. Smith Garage, 945 Franklin St., Johnstown, PA.

Johnstown, PA:
Pollock-Swartz Motor Company
Pollock-Swartz Motor Company, 12 Iron St., Johnstown, PA. 1928 Christmas newspaper ad places dealership at this location for ten years. The Hudson Triangle from July 24, 1920 also mentions dealership.

Kane, PA:
Huson-Bender Co.. In The Hudson Triangle Vol 7 No 33 of Feb 9, 1918, the company reported, "that in their territory they have sold many Hudsons to coal minters. Their increased earnings enable them to go to work mornings in their Super-Sixes."

Lancaster, PA:
Bridgeport Garage
Bridgeport Garage, Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA.

Other Hudson dealerships in Lancaster, PA included:
D. Wilbur Ranck Garage, 300-316 E. King Street, Lancaster, PA (1923 Automobile Blue Book/touring guide)
Irvin H. Nolt, W. King St., Lancaster, PA. Circa mid to late 1940s.

Lebanon, PA:
D.K. Wissler
D.K. Wissler, 215 Cumberland Street, Lebanon, PA. Dealer Name: David K. Wissler. Photo circa 2001 during a HET club excursion. Click here to view on Google Maps or visit to view a similar photo of this building. (That site also features a photo of Miller Motors in Ypsilanti, MI.)

LaTrobe, PA:
Rives Motor Sales
Rives Motor Sales, 321 Depot St. Photo circa 1951, courtesy of Ed Souers.

Lehighton, PA:
Deutsch & Kistler
Deutsch & Kistler, RD #3. Circa 1930s.

Loysville, PA:

Briner's Motor Co., Loysville, PA.

Masontown, PA:

Carson Motor Co, 400 north main street. Current owner, Butch Arnold, has had possession of it since 1976. His father bought it from the original owner Andrew Caruso Sr. Hudsons an Essex were sold from this location from 1909 to 193? and then went into Pontiac sales. It is now known as Del Arnold's Auto Sales.

McKeesport, PA:
Kelly Motors, 216-18 Eighth Ave., Circa 1950.

Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA:

Munhall, PA:
Guy's Auto Sales
Guy's Auto Sales, corner of 18th and West Streets, Munhall, PA.

New Castle, PA:
Castle Motors
Castle Motors, New Castle, PA. In photo, Sander Rubenson, dealer, poses with Abbie Neal and her Ranch Girls, radio and TV performers. The girls drove about in a Jet and a Hornet to attract prospect attention to the dealership.

New Kensington, PA:
Snyder Brothers Hudson. In business from at least 1948-51. Click here for more information.

Palmyra, PA:
Henry W. Wagner
Henry W. Wagner, possibly at 717 E. Main St. Son of H.S. Wagner?

Penn Argyl, PA:
O.E. LaBar's, Penn Argyl, PA.
This legendary Hudson auto dealer stayed open with the neon sign lit and new cars in the showroom until 1985 when he died. He had been through it all with the Hudson line from the beginning through AMC, etc.

Philadelphia, PA:
Click here to view picture.

Academy Motors, 5349-5353 Oxford Ave. In business during at least 1949-1950.

Philadelphia, PA:
Gomery-Schwartz, 2400 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA. The building at 2400 Market Street was constructed in 1916 by Gomery-Schwartz Motor Car Company who were Hudson-Essex distributors for the Philadelphia area. Gomery-Schwartz had been involved with Hudson since 1911, soon after the company was founded, and seem to have been one of the most active Hudson distributors. The lot on which the building was placed was vacant in 1915 and briefly considered for the proposed Convention Hall later built on Civic Center Boulevard in West Philadelphia and now demolished. 2400 was designed as a service station and receiving point for Hudson cars shipped by rail from the manufacturer in Detroit. It was never used for assembly. Gomery-Schwartz occupied two or three floors and rented out the remainder of the building. The customers service entrance with up and down ramps can be seen in the Market Street photo and the small sign above carries the familiar Hudson triangle logo. Contemporary news reports describe it as “a factory with mountains of materials and an army of employees turning out 2000 cars per year.” The owner’s name was changed to Guaranty Investment soon after it was occupied but that entity was probably a part of Gomery-Schwartz.
Gomery-Schwartz      In 1917 Gomery-Schwartz erected a ten-story building with 300,000 square feet on automobile row at the northwest corner of N. Broad and Cherry Streets as a sales room and storage garage to serve their chain of dealers in Philadelphia and perhaps surrounding New Jersey. (See clipping from The Hudson Triangle, vol. 6, no. 7, April 7, 1917). On completion it was briefly occupied by the military until the armistice, then returned to the owner. It has recently been restored and converted to classrooms and exhibition space as the Hamilton Building by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.
     A 1921 Hudson advertisement specifies: Sales Room – 128-140 North Broad Street, Service Station – 2400-2414 Market Street.

Philadelphia, PA:
Northeast Hudson
Northeast Hudson, 1901 Torresdale Ave. Photo circa 1954. In business 1950s-1956. Click here for more pictures and information.

Philadelphia, PA:
Frank H. Caven Motors, Inc., Philadelphia, PA. Circa 1946.
Frank Goetter & Sons, Oxford Ave, Philadelphia, PA. Circa 1946.
Harmon Motor Car Co, 1021 Snyder Ave., Philadelphia, PA. Circa 1946. Dealer A W Harmon? Building used as body shop from the early 1970’s to 2004.
McFadden Motor Co, Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA. Circa 1946.
Swirsding Motors, Inc., Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA:
Allegheny Auto Sales
Allegheny Auto Sales, 506 or 508 Galveston Ave. Circa 1947-1952.

Pittsburgh, PA:
Brentwood Motor Co., 2725 Brownsville Rd. (Carrick). Circa 1929. (Per Pittsburgh Press of Dec 1, 1929.)
Brentwood Motor Co., 414 Brownsville Rd. Circa 1929. (Per Pittsburgh Press of Dec 1, 1929.)

Pittsburgh, PA:
Burgwin-Herron Hudson-Essex
Burgwin-Herron Hudson-Essex, Photo circa 1926, note Burgwin Herron Motor Co on window by door. Photo description had "location unknown" but I believe this was in Pittsburgh. The Oct 7, 1921 "Workmen's Compensation Supplement to Department Reports of Pennsylvania" Vol 7, page 2174 under "Secretary of the Commonwealth" "Charters Issued" lists "Burgwin-Herron Motor co., Pittsburgh, $5,000, R.T. Rossell, 747 Union Arcade". Rossell may have been a lawyer and 747 Union Arcade was the address of lawyers firm? Also, view a patent..

Pittsburgh, PA:
Dale Motor Co., 434 Penn Ave. (Wilkinsburg) Circa 1929. (Per Pittsburgh Press of Dec 1, 1929.)
Dohler Bros., 2501 Brighton Rd. Circa 1929. (Per Pittsburgh Press of Dec 1, 1929.)
Dormont Motor Co., 2875 W. Liberty Ave. (Dormont) Circa 1929. (Per Pittsburgh Press of Dec 1, 1929.)

Pittsburgh, PA:
H & T Motors
H & T Motors,3862 East Street, Pittsburgh, PA. Also referred to as H & T Motor Service? In photo, an engineer for Westinghouse Electric Company Laboratories in Trafford, PA sits undisturbed in a Hudson Jet supplied by H & T Motors as a Million volts of man made lightning striked the car.

Pittsburgh, PA:
Jones-Lyne Motor Company, Pittsburgh, PA. A 15 minute car wash was installed by this dealership in 1953 as a merchandising technique.

Pittsburgh, PA:
Kampas Motors, 1202 East St. Circa 1929. (Per Pittsburgh Press of Dec 1, 1929.)

Pittsburgh, PA:
Liberty Motor Sales, possibly at 3013-39 Liberty Ave.

Reading, PA:
Oakbrook Auto Garage
Oakbrook Auto Garage, 1333 Lancaster Ave., Reading, PA May have also been located at 145 S. 8th Street at some point?

Reamstown, PA:
Henry D. Carver, Reamstown, PA. (At least 1946.)

Rice's Landing, PA:
Rices Landing
Sharpnack Motor Co. and Clarchick Motor Co., 149 Main St., Rice's Landing, PA. The property was purchased by Anson Sharpnack in 1922 for the purpose of erecting the building to house Sharpnack Motors, a Hudson dealership. Although the Sharpnack family owned the building until 1968, when it ceased operation as an auto dealership, the business itself was sold in 1943 to the chief mechanic, Josepeh Clarchick. It was then renamed Clarchick Motor Co. which sold the Hudson brand until the merge and then continued on as an American Motors dealer under the brand of Nash/Rambler. The current owner of the building is in the process of restoring it! Click here for more pictures and history of the dealership(s)! Suggested Sites: Burough Officials and Ten Mile Creek Blogspot

Ridgway, PA:
Glass & Whitman, Address Unknown, years of business unknown.

Rochester, PA:
Laemlein's Hudson
Laemlein's Hudson and Essex Service Garage, 37 Delevan St., Rochester, PA

Schuylkill, PA:
Driesbach Garage
Driesbach Garage, Dock Street

Scranton, PA:
H.M. Spencer
Lackawanna Automobile Co., 501 Wyoming Ave, Scranton, PA. H.M. Spencer may have been dealer or just a salesman. On page 349 of 1912 Automobile Blue Book, vol. 3 at 314 Adams Ave. as stocking meichelin Tires. Listed in December 1912 The Commercial Vehicle as a Packard, Chalmers, & REO Exhibiter at a Forthcoming Motor Vehicles Show. Listed under new Agencies in February 10, 1915 copy of The Horseless Age as a Saxon dealer. Mentioned on page 732 of the 1919 Industrial directory of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without reference to makes sold. Appeared in 1946 Lackawanna Jurist: vol. 47 in a judgement case of Lackawanna Auto Co. vs. Richards.

Sharon, PA:
Wein Motor Co
Wein Motor Co., 1193 E. State Street, Sharon, PA. From the December 1953 Hudson Dealer News, the picture is of the dealerships closing room with photos of customers on the walls. Dealership owner Ed Wein said this builds wonderful customer relations. When asked why he values his Hudson franchise, Ed points up the profit value of his Hudson franchise first. But he also declares, "I've enjoyed the splendid co-operationg given me by HudsonSales Corporation and the Hudson factory. This has enable me to work without undue pressure on the purchases of new cars, parts or equipment. hudson'sdivesified line enables me to cover 94% of the market price-wise. No other line in the industry affords us as salesmen so many desireable selling features to help close deals. Hudson has its sights set high, so do I and w're going places together." Ralph Sheasley, Pittsburgh Zone Manager, declared Ed Wein one of the most aggressive dealers in the zone. Click here for expanded story and more photos of this dealership!

Sharpsburg, PA:
Klein-Paper Motor Co
Klein-Paper Motor Co., 915-917 Main St.

East Smethport, PA:
Cleveland Garage
Cleveland Garage, Main St., East Smethport, PA. Listed as selling Hudson & Terraplane per Motor magazine, Volume 66, 1936, where Robert A. Cleveland gives advice on carburetors. Still open in 1956 per matchbook! There was a Mr. Duffy that raced the Cleveland Garage Hudson Hornet #143 at the McKean County Raceway in the early fifties. (The race track is still in operation since its reopening in 1983 after a 30 year hiatus.) It's rumored that a 1954 Hudson Hornet still sees occasional Pace Car duties at the raceway, but not sure if it's the same #143. The 1952 Hudson Hornet of Smethport’s Chuck McKeirnan was a part of the show at McKean County Raceway while they were celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

Fleetwood (New Jerusalem?), PA:
Scott A. Youse, Inc. RFD 1. They were a Hudson dealer from about 1934 right up to the end, and AMC/Jeep at least into the 70's. they were still there as an AMC/Jeep dealer with the same family ownership. The showroom was a single-car garage behind the family home. I distinctly remember on the wall, was a plaque naming them as "Hudson Dealer of the Month" for either Sept. or Oct. 1956.

Somerton, PA:
W.L. GardnerW.L. Gardner
W.L. Gardner, Bustleton Ave & Warwick St. (13033 Bustleton), Somerton, PA. Website viewer J.Q provided the image and following story: "I worked here during high school in 1979 when Andrew Garder (retired) would still come in to the shop almost daily. The shop, A.J. Gardner and Son run by his son Bill Gardner was a general repair shop. They fixed anything foreign and domestic. At one time in the 80's Bill had an old Hudson Hornet parked behind the shop. I don't know what happened to it. I stayed friends with one of the long time mechanics who knew much of the old history of this Hudson dealership and was supposedly partnered with the Hudson dealership on Frankford Ave. Bill Gardner sold the business and building sometime around 2005 to a fruit vender only months prior to when these pictures were taken. The shop was gutted along with all of the old original interior and history. The fruit vender went out of business and now (2013) the building is empty.

Sunbury, PA:
Triangle Motor Co.
Triangle Motor Co., 115 n fifth street or 54 Vine street, Sunbury, PA.

Tamaqua, PA:
Ollin Motors, Inc., R.D. 2

In business during at least the Jet years.

Tarentum, PA:
Benke Motor Co
Benke Motor Co., Tarentum and Culmerville, PA. In photo, John C. Benke, dealer, poses with Albert Sabatini, Chief of Police. This is listed under Culmerville, PA as well.

Topton, PA:
Leeser Motor Co
Leeser Motor Co,

Vandergrift, PA:
George A. Markell Motor Co
George A. Markell Motor Co, 194-196 Lincoln Ave.

Wayne, PA:
Don R. Maiden Motors, 243 or 245 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, PA.

Waynesboro, PA:
Raymond J. Smith
Raymond J. Smith, 6th & Church St., Waynesboro, PA.

Wellsboro, PA:
Leland E. Lewis
Leland Lewis Hudson Sales and Service, US Route 6, Wellsboro, PA. In business from 1946-1954. Click here for more pictures and information!

West Chester, PA:
Chester County Auto Sales
Chester County Auto Sales, 306 East Gay Street, West Chester, PA. Offered Sales, Parts, & Service. In business during at least 1946.

York, PA:

A.F. Grove, York, PA. Announced as new dealer in The Hudson Triangle, Vol.1 Number 8, December 2, 1911.

York, PA:
R.C. Keller
R.C. Keller, 722 W. Market St., York, PA. Photo shows the back side of a small mirror. Click here for pictures of this dealership.

York, PA:
Snyder Automobile Co
Snyder Automobile Co., 229-231 W. Market St., York, PA. The dealership ad for Snyder's is from the R.L. Polk & Co. York City Directory for 1952. You can see it was also a White truck dealership and garage. White trucks (Snyder) eventually moved to S. Queen St. The truck business finally closed years ago and is now a regular truck repair/garage/parts business. Click here for pictures of this dealership and more York automobile history.


Bristol, RI:
Hope Motors
Hope Motors, Bristol, R.I. In photo, James St. Angelo of Hope Motors talks over economy of the Jet with Sgt. Euclid Demars of the Bristol, R.I. Police Department. Click here to view more pictures of the dealership.

Carolina, RI:
Wright's Garage 1942 Wright's Garage 1972
Wright's Garage TodaySide of Wright's Garage Today
Wright's Garage,corner of Carolina Back Rd. & Alton Carolina Rd., Carolina, RI. H.L. Wright sold Hudson's dating back to the '20's before becoming a American Motors lot. The first photo is circa 1941-42. They also sold Desoto-Plymouth at the time, but sold far more Hudsons. The picture on the right is circa 1972. Although the AMC sign is on the other side of the building, a Hudson sign also remains against the wishes of AMC. The color photos are current.

Cranston, RI:
Parent's Sales & Service, 1455 Oaklawn Avenue. Dealer Name: Jerry Parent. Circa 1949.

East Providence, RI:
Adams's Sales & Service, 317-319 Warren Avenue. Owned by Chester Adams. Circa 1949.

Newport, RI:
Rock Motors, 41 Mill Street. Dealer Name: Amy A. Sassi. Circa 1949.

North Providence, RI:
Uptown Hudson Sales & Service, 1385 Mineral Spring Avenue. Owned by Peter Caranci. Circa 1949.

Pawtucket, RI:
E.P. Fournier Co., 939 Newport Ave. Dealer Name: Ernest Fournier. Circa 1949.
Knowles Station Inc., 393 Smithfield Ave. Dealer Name: George Knowles. Circa 1949.

Providence, RI:
Harris Auto Sales, Providence, RI. Featured in Hudson Dealers News of December 1953.
Kirby Shallen, Inc., 79 Elmood Avenue. Owned by Howard Kirby and Avery Shallen. Circa 1949.

Warwick, RI:
Fred O. Bishop, 9 Post Road, Edgewood Station. Owned by Fred O. Bishop. Circa 1949.

West Warwick, RI:
Moore's Motor Service, Inc., 487 Washington Street. Owned by Willard Moore. Circa 1949.

Woonsocket, RI:
Custer Motor Sales Co., 330 Social Street. Owned by Leo Custer. Circa 1949.


Camden, SC:
Little Motor Co., De Kalb St., Camden, SC (Also sold Franklin.) (1926 Auto Blue Book/touring guide)

Columbia, SC:
Black-Frasier Motor Car Co
Black-Frasier Motor Car Co.


Deadwood, SD:
Deadwood South Dakota
Ahmed Etem, 10 Pine Street, Deadwood, South Dakota. In 1929 Ahmed opened his own car dealership on Mill Street in Lead, South Dakota where he did business until 1935 when the Homestake Mine condemned his property in because underground mining was causing sinkholes. He pulled up stakes and moved the dealership to Deadwood. Completed in 1936, Ahmed's new Hudson-Terraplane dealership on Pine Street was open for business until the end of World War II. In 1946 Ahmed sold the building to the Safeway chain of grocery stores. It was later purchased and restored by the Deadwood VFW chapter, which continues to use the building. click here for more history.

Mitchell, SD:
Norwich Motor Company

Rapid City, SD:
Bradsky Motors
Bradsky Motors, Main & West Blvd. Circa 1950.

Sioux Falls, SD:
Cockburn Motor Co
Cockburn Motor Co., 310 So. 1st Ave., Sioux Falls, SD. Postcard circa 1938. Courtesy AJ.

Sioux Falls, SD:
John P. Bleeg Co.
John P. Bleeg Co., 312 West Ninth, Sioux Falls, SD. Advertisement circa 1917.

Sioux Falls, SD:
Soo Hudson
Soo Hudson, 10th & Dakota St., Sioux Falls, SD. In business from at least 1946-1948.

Other dealerships in Sioux Falls, SD included:
Van Brunt-Crossman Co

Watertown, SD:
Hudson Sales & Service Co.
Hudson Sales & Service Co., Inc., 18 First St. SW. From around 1949-1956.


Looking for more information or pictures on the following Hudson Dealerships. Names, locations, and pictures are wanted.

Lambert Motor Company
Lambert Motor Co? Location of this multi-franchise dealership is unknown. The car on the left is a 1941 Willys Americar and the one on the right is a 1941 Hudson. Name on the building could be Lambert Motor Co. Possibly same as Lambert's Garage of New Windsor, MD?

Paxton Autocraft
Paxton Autocraft, W. Exchange St., City and State Unknown. Circa 1937. Possibly Akron, Ohio.

DECEMBER photo of the Month
This photo appeared in the December 1976 White Triangle News. The name and location of the dealership is unknown.
Looking at the cars, it dates to 1946 or '47. If you can identify this, please contact webmaster.




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