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The Jet Set is a special interest group for owners and enthusiasts of the Hudson Jet. The group was formed in 1999 and is part of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club Inc.

"The JetSetter" is the newsletter of the Jet Set. "The JetSetter" is published quarterly and mailed to all current members of the Jet Set. Current donations to the Jet Set are established at $6.00 a year to cover costs of printing and mailing. The year runs from July to June, coinsiding with the National meet. Any person who aspires to own, owns, or drools at the sight of a Hudson Jet is a worthy candidate for the "Jet Set." is a proud sponsor of this group and is excited to play a part in this great piece of the HET club.

Would you like your Jet to be featured on this site and/or the Jet Setter? Please send an e-mail with photos attached. Here are a few questions you may want to address:
  • How did you find your Jet? Where and what year?
  • Any special story about getting it home?
  • Was it barn fresh? Did you have to restore it or just put a coat of wax on? What are the fact behind the restoration/preservation?
  • Is it stock? If no, what modifications have been done?
  • While you've owned it, anything interesting to tell? Any accidents, near-misses, hard-luck stories, cruises, or reactions?
  • Are you in need of any parts or have Jet parts or memorabilia to sell? Can you share any good tips / parts sources?
  • Lastly, what's the VIN? Providing this will assist the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club in maintaining their registry on the fate of our beloved Jets.
Editorial contributions are welcomed. Letters, photos, comments, complaints, tech tips, parts and Jet cars for sale, or parts need, and/or anything Jet related will be considered for future issues. To become a member of the Jet Set and receive the JetSetter, please print out a a Jet Jotter and mail to address shown on form with payment. You may also click on the "Add to Cart" button below to remit via PayPal and e-mail information and/or pictures of your Jet and its history to the Jet Set Editor.

$6.00 (includes shipping). The form will prompt you to enter as well as the amount of $6.00

Hudson Jet Instructional Audio
Hudson Motor Car Company produced audio recordings in 1952 and 1953 as a sales aid to kick off their brand new Jet. Pressed by RCA for the Hudson Motor Car Co. These are 33 1/3 RPM, but measure at 16" across.

Offered here are the CD versions of these unique records. Disc One includes "The New Hudson Jet" and "How To Make Jet Sales." Disc Two includes "Demonstrating The Jet" and "The Jet Showroom Presentation." Each disc runs approximately one hour in length. These are a fun glimpse of the past and would provide great background information when played while your Jet is on display at car shows!

$10.00 (includes shipping)

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