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History of Hudson Dealerships

The dealer network during the step-down era was said to be 3000 dealers strong... The dealership section is not only dedicated to the dealerships of the Jet years, but all known Hudson dealerships.


U.S. TERRITORIES           Virgin Islands



Middletown, DE:
Hall Motor Company
Hall Motor Company, 51 W. Main Street, Middletown, DE. Ad circa 1947.


Bradenton, FL:
Hanchett Hudson Motors
Hanchett Hudson Motors, 1014 9th St W, Bradenton, FL. In photo, H.L. Hanchett, dealer, don't know which to admire more, the Jet or Mrs. Judy Brock, a Mrs. Florida contestant in the [1953?] Palmetto, Florida Home Show. Building established in 1928. Now home to Motorworks Brewing.

Coral Gables, FL:
Coral Gables Garage
Coral Gables Garage, 242 Alhambra Plaza. Built for the Hudson Motor Car Co. circa 1925, it later became Loffler Brothers Oyster House and then New England Oyster House.

Daytona Beach, FL:
Guide Motors
Guide Motors, 849 Ballough Rd., Dealer Name: Joe Guide. In business during stepdown years. Featured in May/June 2007 WTN articl "Joe Guide, Hudson Racer".

Daytona Beach, FL:
Hudson Beach Garage,Inc., 27 North Atlantic Ave., Telephone 2-2562, Unknown years of operation.

Deland, FL:
Jacobs Motor Service
Jacobs Motor Service, 339 North Woodland Boulevard. Dealer Name: Lincoln L. Jacobs. Was later at 501 S. Woodland Blvd. Advertisement appeared in 1949 Stetson University yearbook, and later a rambler ad in 1963 yearbook. Orlando Sentinel of September 29, 1993 shared that Lincoln L. "Linc" Jacobs, 81, died Tuesday, Sept. 28 [1993]. Mr. Jacobs was owner/operator of Jacobs Motor Service.

Homestead, FL:
Homestead Florida
Unknown Hudson Dealership, Homestead, FL. Photo circa 1926, probably by Carl Turnage. Looking south on Krome Avenue Homestead, FL:
from just above first street. On the left are the Hudson and Essex auto dealership, the City Hall and the Home Building. On the right are the Citizens Bank Building and Doc Crow’s Seminole Pharmacy. The facade of the Seminole Theatre is very distinctive. Further on are the Homestead Mercantile and Bank of Homestead Buildings. Note the interesting shape of the Hudson sign.

Jacksonville, FL:
Bacon-Ryerson Company
Bacon-Ryerson Company Clipping from September 1919 Hudson Triangle. In business 1917-1920.

Miami, FL:
Hudson of South Florida
Hudson of South Florida, Inc., Miami, FL. Photo from 1953 Motor magazine ad.

Miami, FL:
Hudson Trail Motors
Hudson Trail Motors, 1305 SW 8th St, Miami, FL. Ad circa 01/05/54.

Miami, FL:
Leon J. Lichtenstetter
Leon J. Lichtenstetter, 1700 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL. In business from at least 1933-1941. Clipping circa 1935. Click here for more pictures and info.

Pensacola, FL:
Robert Brackett
Robert Brackett, at left, discusses profitable Hudson franchise with J.C. Clem, at right, Hudson Memphis Zone Manager. Robert Brackett inherited his Hudson franchise from his father, who was a dealer since 1928. Says Brackett [in December 1953 Hudson Dealer News], "My dad prospered immediately and was able to survive the despression years following and as a consequence we are the oldest independent dealer in Pensacola. I value the Hudson franchise because there are no trucks to sell. We're not under factory pressure to stck parts and accessories beyond what can be reasonably sold and thanks to the Jet, we cover 94% of the retail market."

St Petersburg, FL:
Nichols Bros
Nichols Bros, St. Petersburg, FL. Photo circa 1948, appeared in Nov/Dec 1977 WTN.

Tallahassee, FL:
Cordell-Turaville Motors
Cordell-Turaville Motors, 1200 N. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL. Displaying Packard Clipper and Hudson automobiles. Click here to read an Antique Automobile Club of America newsletter article on this dealership!

Cordell-Turaville Motors Showroom
Cordell-Turaville Motors Showroom, 1200 N. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL.

West Palm Beach, FL:
Hudson Palm Beaches
Hudson Palm Beaches, 1314 S. Dixie. Circa 1946. By 1951 this location had become leon J. Lichtenstettler Inc, a Hudson Distributor.

Unknown, Florida:
Peerless Motors
Peerless Motors, Address Unknown


Atlanta, GA:
South Side Motors
Southside Motors Inc., Wilt Hollums dealer, 1224-30 N. Main, 1947-1949

Atlanta, GA:
Goldsmith, Inc.
J.W. Goldsmith, Inc., 486 West Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA. In business from 1909 to 1954, it was second in sales behind Courtesy Motors in Chicago, and was dubbed America's Oldest Hudson Dealership. In 1953, top NASCAR drivers Tim and Fonty Flock became salesman at this dealership. The Goldsmith facility was bought by Downing Nash, Inc. in early 1954. They were also located at 46 E. North Ave at some point?

Other dealerships in Atlanta, GA included:
Bill Thornton, Inc., 1351 Bankhead AVe NW. NW. Bill Thornton operated "Georgia's Last Hudson Dealer" from 1955-57. Featured in Sept/Oct 2007 WTN on page 18. Went on to become Thornton Chevrolet, now run by Bill's son John.

Augusta, GA:
Audley Hill Auto Sales
Audley Hill Auto Sales Company, Dealer Name: Audley Hill, Jr. Featured in The Hudson Triangle Vol. 5 No. 48 from May 27, 1916

Thomaston, GA:
Currie Motor Company
Currie Motor Company, Dealer Name: John Currie. Sold Pontiac, Hudson, and Terraplane automobiles during at least 1938.


Honolulu, HI:
Motor Supply
Motor Supply, Kapiolani Blvd.
It started as a tire store and auto parts supply house in 1937. They started selling Nashes and Hudsons after World War II. The company expanded further down the street in 1952 and built a distinctive showroom modeled on the faux tiki A-frame architecture popular at the time. Motor Supply consolidated its business at 1391 Kapiolani Blvd. in the late 1950s under the Rambler brand. 1391 Kapiolani Blvd may have housed Cutter Chevrolet before it moved to its current location.

Honolulu, HI:
Von Hamm Young Co
Von Hamm Young Co, 818 Kapiolani Blvd. The reverse side of the Von Hamm Young dealership photo (view by moving cursor over image) shares an optimistic future for the dealership. This location is now home to a Mercedez-Benz dealership.


Boise, ID:
Peterson Motor. At Bannock & 10th St from at least 1933-1937 and then at 1201 Main St. from at least 1939-1957. Click here for more info.

Coeur d'Alene, ID:
Central Motors
Central Motors
The above photo shows the south side of the 200 block of Sherman Ave. in 1954. Yes, that's a Hudson Automobile dealership (was the Buick a used car?) and Texaco gas station, located roughly where Tito Macoroni's is today. Click here for more pictures.

Lewiston, ID:
The Evergreen - Hudson, Goodyear, and Texaco. Circa 1952.

Lewiston, ID:
Lewiston Hudson Essex Co
Lewiston Hudson Essex Co, 134 Ninth Street, Lewiston, ID>

Payette, ID:
Dorothy [or Dorathy] & Pierce, possibly at 655 3rd Ave N. See possibly Dorathy Motor C. In business as Hudson during at least 1935.


Alton, IL:
Gent Major Motor Co. (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)

Alton, IL:
Holloway Motor Company
Holloway Motors, Inc.. Located at 2726 East Broadway per 1950 Car Show brochure pictured. Located at 516 Belle (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Aurora, IL:
Coats Garage
Coats Garage, 56 S. LaSalle St. Aurora, IL. Coats Garage “was the first automobile sales and service building built in the LaSalle Street Auto Row Historic District specifically for this use. Constructed in 1907, it still features the original elevator that transports cars to the second and third floors for storage and servicing. Coat’s line of cars in 1912 included Chalmers, E.M.F., Hudson, and Flanders. It was constructed with large “I” beams that span the width of the building, providing a large open space without columns for the display of automobiles. The current owner indicated that 30 modern cars can be stored on each floor.” Click here for more information on Aurora's auto row. Better yet, participate in events on Auto Row!

Belleville, IL:
Edward Mutto Auto Sales
Edward Mutto Auto Sales, Inc., 517-19 S. Illinois St. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51, also seen in 1950 Car Show brochure.) In business 1950-1956.

Berwyn, IL:
Maple Motor Sales
Maple Motor Sales, Berwyn, IL. The building had 12,562 sq. feet of new car, service and showroom area in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. Richard Mazzuca, general manager of this dealership declares [in December 1953 Hudson Dealer News], "My partner, Peter Carrara and I were former Hudson salesmen. We believe Hudson to be the finest road car ever built. We believe that the Jet will bring us the business of many economy minded people. That's why we choose hudson and we believe that aggressive merchandising is going to pay off. We're not araid of the future. That's why we invested our money in a Hudson dealership. We've six salesmen on the selling team and we're doing good business."

Champaign, IL:
Worden-Martin, Inc.
Worden-Martin, Inc., 6 E. Springfield, Champaign, IL. Dealer Names: L.R. Worden and Howard R. Martin. They opened for business in 1948 and are still in business today at 100 and 300 Carriage Center Court, check out their website!

Charleston, IL:
Glen Comer
Glen Comer, 202 6th St. Circa 1954-1957. Click here for more pictures!

Chicago, IL:
Courtesy Motors
Courtesy Motors, Chicago, IL. Dealership of Jim Moran. Click here to view more pictures and history of this dealership!

Chicago, IL:
Hudson Motor Co. of Illinois
Hudson Motor Co. of Illinois, Distributer, 2220 to 2230 Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL: Construction on the Spanish Revival building started 07/01/1922. The architect was yet again Alfred Samuel Alschuler. 1928 showroom for Hudson automobiles, which survived until 1950. J. R. Hirsted was the manager. It was quite up to date with pnuematic tubes and speakers for communication. It was Ray Motors, Inc. before and after the war. You may be interested in viewing circa 2009 photos of this building on a Motor Row District blog or other buildings on this street.

Chicago, IL:
Inland Auto Sales
Inland Auto Sales, 8948 Commerical Ave., Chicago, IL. Postcard circa 1925.

Chicago, IL:
Lester O. Holmes
Lester O. Holmes Back of photo reads "As lot appeared before installation of litho-paint poster company's used car display service".

Chicago, IL:
Logan Motor Sales
Logan Motor Sales, 2550 No. Western Ave., Chicago, IL. Postcard circa 1941.

Chicago, IL:
Louis Geyler Company
Louis Geyler Company, 2550 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL. Click here for more pictures!

Chicago, IL:
O'Donnell Motor Sales, Inc.
O'Donnell Motor Sales, Inc., 7518 Stony Island Ave. (Also found in Chicago Automobile Show program 2/17 thru 2/25/51 and again 2/16 thru 2/24/52.). O'Donnell later took on Cherry?

Chicago, IL:
Philip A. Tafel, Inc
Philip A. Tafel, Inc., 2929 N. Cicero Ave. (Per Chicago Automobile Show program 2/17 thru 2/25/51 and again 2/16 thru 2/24/52.) Photo taken summer 2010. At this address until 1957. Previously at 3030 N. Cicero Ave from 1934-1941.

Chicago, IL:
Stratford Motors Sales Co
Stratford Motors Sales Co., 6739 S. Western Ave. (Per Chicago Automobile Show program 2/17 thru 2/25/51 and again
     2/16 thru 2/24/52.)

Midway Building
Unknown Hudson Essex Dealer, located in the Midway Building, 6054 Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, IL
Alfred Samuel Alschuler (1876-1940) was the architect for this building. It was constructed in 1923. It has been demolished. Click here for more information and pictures!

Other dealerships in Chicago, IL included:
Unknown Dealership, 8027 Ogden Ave. Until late 1930's? Click here for more information.

Clinton, IL:
Fred Smith Motors
Fred Smith Motors, 1500 E. Main St. In business 1948-1954.

Collinsville, IL:
Loyet's Garage
Loyet's Garage, 524 Vandalia. (Per 1950 Car Show Brochure.). In business 1947-1950.

Other dealerships in Collinsville, IL:
Oatle's Garage (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)
Shaver Motor Co., 524 Vandalia St. (Per St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Columbia, IL:
Wm. Vogt & Co. (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch.)

Crystal Lake, IL:
Ormsby Motor Sales (Per 06/15/41 newspaper ad.)

Danville, IL:
Landsdown Motor Co
Landsdown Motor Co., 102 South St., Dealer Name: Russell Landsdown. Circa 1953.

Decatur, IL:
Guy C. Ferre
Guy C. Ferre. Sold Hudson, Dodge, and Essex. Roll cursor over image to see contents.

Decatur, IL:
Unknown Dealership, 750 E Prairie, Decatur, IL. Building still stands as yellow brick with black brick trim and not too modified.

Dwight, IL:
DeLongs Garage & Machine Shop
DeLongs Garage & Machine Shop, 212 E. Delaware, Dwight, IL. Established in 1912, but not sure when they started selling cars. Featured in a 1954 Dwight Centennial Book. They now sell Ford cars and trucks as Delong Ford-Mercury Inc.

E. St. Louis, IL:
State Motor Co, Inc
State Motor Co, Inc., 1210-12 State Street (Per 1950 Car Show Brochure.) In business 1947-1950.

Elgin, IL:
Moody 1925
Moody Hudson Essex, Elgin, IL. In business from 1911 to at least 1925. Click here for more pictures.

Glen Ellyn, IL:
Hesterman Motor Sales
Hesterman Motor Sales, Roosevelt Road at Main St, NW Corner. (Also seen in 06/15/41 newspaper ad.) Became a bowling alley from 1958 - 1999. Leveled to build a bank. Click here for more pictures and history!

Granite City, IL:
Brewer Motor Co
Brewer Motor Co., 2165 Madison Ave. (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch, 1950 Car Show brochure, and St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.) In business 1937-1950.

Hamel, IL:
Cassens Garage
George Cassens, Hamel, IL. Established in 1920, they also started using towbars to haul Hudsons in the '20's. Today, they are a big car hauling company and still use International trucks. Click here to read an expanded history on the company. (Also seen in St.Louis Post Dispatch 04/22/51.)

Joy, IL:
Fisher Sales CoFisher Sales Co
Fisher Sales Co., Joy, IL.

Kankakee, IL:
Jeffers & McBroom
Jeffers & McBroom, 810-830 S. Main St. (Per 06/15/41 newspaper ad.) Click here for more pictures!

Lincoln, IL:
Row Motor Sales
Row Motor Sales, Lincoln, IL. In photo, Duane Row, dealer, presents keys to Jet to Police Chief Earl Minder.

Macomb, IL:
Cross Motor SalesCross Motor Sales
Cross Motor Sales, 1312 E Jackson St. Dealer: Chalmers Cross. Cross Motor Sales sold Hudsons, Ramblers, American Motors and Jeeps from 1946 through 1957. The dealership was recognized for being a Leading Dealer several months running in 1956 Sales Manager Letters.

Marshall, IL:
Clatfelter Hudson
Clatfelter Hudson, N 5th St. In business 1946-1957. Operated by Wayne and Flossie Clatfelter of Marshall. From left, Barbara Spittler, owners Wayne, Otto Clatfelter, Joan and Aleta Hill Litteral. Neighboring businesses included Bill Anderson's Hatch[], []rner's Plumbing and Heating, [] Mitchell's office, the Esther []y Shop, Jim Murphy's Package [], []arker Auto Supply, and Welsh's. The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana mentions on February 13, 1955 that, "At the service counter this week was Wayne Clatfelter, Hudson dealer from Marshall, who was being given a “bad time” by the staff."

Melrose Park, IL:
Suburban Hudson
West Suburban Hudson, 2305(?) Lake St. (then probably Danny Nigro motor Sales post war)

Niles Center, IL:
Blameuser Motor Co
Blameuser Motor Co., 8008 Lincoln Ave, Niles Center, IL. Photo circa 1924. Click here for more pictures.

Oak Park, IL:
Crandall Hudson-Essex
Crandall Hudson-Essex, 435(?) Madison Street, Oak Park, IL.

Pekin, IL:
Carl Burling Motors
Carl Burling Motors , 610 N. 5th St.(Multiple dealerships at this location over the years!) Building was built in 1898. The showroom floor is still the original terrazzo and the basement located below has steel I-Beams every 8-10” to support the weight of the cars. Photo circa 2008. As you can see the showroom windows have been partially covered. Yearbook ad places this in business during at least 1951. Click here for more details!

Pekin, IL:
Harry Zimmerman Garage
Harry Zimmerman Garage, 606-610 N. 5th. Click here for more details!

Peoria, IL:
Nelson-Wood Co
Nelson-Wood Co., Peoria, IL. Circa 1924.

Quincy, Illinois:
Collins Plow Company
Collins Plow Company, 227-231 North Sixth Street. In business during at least 1915.

Quincy, Illinois:
Gem City Motor Car Co
Gem City Motor Car Co, 422 Jersey St. President: Charles Childers. In business during at least 1919. Click here for more pictures and info..

Quincy, Illinois:
Wallbaum Hudson Sales & Service, 307 North 12th Street
Maine Motor Sales & Service, 929 Maine Street
Oberling Motor Sales, 1536 North 12th Street

Rockford, IL:
Herrington Motors
Herrington Motors, Inc., 319 South Church St. In business during at least 1937. (Clipping from Rockford Morning Star of Nov 14, 1937.)

Springfield, IL:
Claude Wilson
Claude Wilson

St Charles, IL:
Hotel Baker Garage
Hotel Baker Garage, 200 N 2nd St. Clipping is from June 25, 1936 Elgin Courier-News. In business 1933-1939. Click here for more pictures and information.

Sterling, IL:
Weber Motor Co
Weber Motor Co., Sterling, IL.

Waukegan, IL:
Kutzler Motors
Kutzler Motors, 308 Tenth St., Waukegan, IL.

White Hall, IL:
Moulton's Garage, Inc., Brackett St. Carl Moulton SR sold hudson's, gmc trucks & john deere farm equipment. Circa late 40's / early 50's. White Hall is located between Springfield & St.Louis.

White Hall, IL:
Southern Garage, Dealer: W.G. Moulton. Circa 1919. See The Atlanta Constitution December 23, 1919, page 19 and Jan 3, 1030, page 15.

Wood River, IL:
State Motor Co, Inc
Sido Motor Co., Whitelaw and Lorena (Per 4/19/36 St. Louis Dispatch, 1950 Car Show brochure, and 04/22/51 St.Louis Post Dispatch.) In business 1936-1950.


Akron, IN:
Lowman and Ferree
Lowman and Ferree: 1946 built the garage for a Hudson dealership and probably ended in 1953. Glenn Lowman and Alfred Ferree were dealers. Building torn down in 2016.

Anderson, IN:
O.D. Foster
O.D. Foster Motor Co., 124-126 W 9th St., Anderson, IN.

Bedford, IN:
Ray R. Roberts & Sons
Ray R. Roberts & Sons, Inc., 1202 J Street, Bedford, Indiana. Clipping from The Bedford Daily Times on June 30, 1952.

Ray R. Roberts & Sons
An exterior shot of Ray R. Roberts & Sons, Inc. mentioned above. A website view shares, "Ray R. Robert's had the nicest dealer showroom in Bedford, quite large and all glass enclosed. Bedford had a dealership for every car brand except Nash and later Edsel. The Robert's dealership continued to sell Hudson's through the 1957 model year and then stopped selling new automobiles continuing the business with International trucks and Farmall farm equipment. For some reason, Ray Robert's never seemed push Ramblers very much. Even in the early 1960's it was common to still see Hudson's at the Robert's dealership for service."

Bloomington, IN:
Hanson Motor Co.
Hanson Motor Co., 1327 N. Walnut St., Bloomington, IN. Photo circa 1940's. Click here for more pictures!

Bourbon, IN:
Wayne Love Motors
Wayne Love Motors, Lincoln Highway (US 30) 1/2 block east of the traffic light, Bourbon, Indiana. Wayne Love Motors had 2 mechanics, one who was VERY good, a full time parts man, full time body man, the owner/salesman, and a 75 cent an hour "flunky" who washed & prepped new cars for the 1 car showroom floor as well as for the used car lot 1 block away (also on main drag). Wayne became an AMC dealership that remained into the '70's but, as Bourbon is a pretty small town (one stoplight) was forced to relocate well before then & he moved the dealership 15 miles east to Warsaw, IN. He was a very astute businessman & made a good living. He kept the brick building in Bourbon after moving the business. While a Hudson dealer he had a very good body man who had been a h.s. basketball star. As a result he kept a large inventory of body parts on hand, in the 2nd floor loft area. Those parts have since found a home with a Hudson owner, but as of 2004 the building was still there. A favorite story among Hudson owners is the time that John Dillenger, an infamous bank robber, stopped in for a quick fix on his Terraplane. Wayne Love quickly went about repairing Dillenger's car with John sitting in the car. All the time he was working, he knew his buddy, the town marshall, was going to drop by any time. Lucky for the Marshall, Wayne got Dillenger repaired and down the road before the Marshall came by. However, this proves to be a fable since Dillinger was killed in 1934 and Wayne didn't become a Hudson dealer until after WWII. John Dillinger did however stop in Bourbon, for a haircut! They had 2 barbers and the one would always regale anyone who would listen how he'd given Dillinger a haircut. He was sitting in his little 1 chair emporium one day & this black sedan parked in front. Two guys got out & came in, looked the place over, then went back to the car and a 3rd guy got out & got his hair cut. The barber didn't know who it was BUT about a week later saw a photo of Dillinger on the front page of the Chicago paper & recognized who he was. Unable to confirm, another story lives on. If interested read "The Dillinger Days" by John Toland and for entertainment be sure to see the Johnny Depp movie, Dillinger.

Brunswick, IN:
Brunswick Schreiber Garage
Brunswick Garage, Brunswick, IN. (Per 06/15/41 newspaper ad.) Although this has also been referred to as the Schreiber Garage, the Screiber garage was a seperate business in Lowell, IN. click here for more photos and information.

N. T. Knight & Son, 119 S. Capitol Avenue, Corydon, Indiana:
I'm the son and grandson of an old Hudson and AMC dealer in Corydon, Indiana. Dad and Grand-dad formed their business, N. T. Knight & Son, in 1941, and the business was originally located at the southwest corner of North Capitol Avenue and Walnut Street in downtown Corydon. In August or September of 1945, the business moved 4 blocks south, to 119 South Capitol Avenue, and took on the Hudson franchise. N. T. Knight & Son was my grand-dad, Newland Thomas Knight, and his son, Donn R. Knight. Besides the Hudson franchise, they sold International Harvester trucks and tractors [and refrigerators and freezers], BFGoodrich tires, and Texaco products.

While I don't have any memorabilia from the AMC days, I have framed on my wall one of the posters they had printed advertising the "New 1950 Hudsons, at Sensational LOWER PRICES". I've heard that a local scrapyard has an advertising fan that the company gave away to local funeral homes and churches [remember, air conditioning wasn't that common in the late 1950's], with photos of the 1956 Hudson Hornet and Rambler, with the words, "I'm a Hudson and Rambler FAN".

Dad always talked of going to Cincinnati to pick up new Hudsons, or of having them shipped by barge down the Ohio River to Louisville, 4th Street wharf, where they'd pick them up and drive them to Corydon. Dad complained that cars were more likely to be damaged in transit when they were sent by barge. In the AMC days, they got cars delivered to their door by KAT....which at that time stood for Kenosha Auto Trasport. But when Newt ordered his '57 Rebel, he'd waited long enough that they had to go to Chicago to pick it up...and when they got there, there were only two available. While Newt had wanted the overdrive tranny, he had to settle for what they had on hand, which turned out to be one with the Hydramatic and the continental kit.

In January 1959, downtown Corydon was severely flooded, and N. T. Knight & Son didn't have flood insurance. Lots of stuff was lost as the building had 3 feet of water in it, and for several weeks thereafter a lot of mud was washed off whatever was salvagable. I think it was at that point, after the "RAMBLER" sign they'd just bought a couple of years before was deemed "obsolete" by the factory rep from the Cincinnati zone, that Newt decided enough was enough, and the franchise was terminated by mutual agreement.

In 1960, there was no AMC dealer in Corydon. In 1961, Purkhiser Oldsmobile took up the AMC franchise, but they treated Rambler as the "bastard stepchild" that it was to them. They had the franchise thru '63 or so, and after that, Wolfe Motor Sales, Corydon's Studebaker dealer, apparently saw the handwriting on the wall and picked up AMC. Ralph Wolfe retired in the early '70's, and his son Ray ran the dealership until his health gave out in the early 1980's.

Today, Verizon owns the building at 119 S. Capitol Avenue where N. T. Knight & Son was located. The local phone company, which was absorbed eventually by Verizon, bought the building and the vacant lot where Newt and Donn had their car/truck/tractor/implement lot next door in 1960, and built their office there in about 1964.

Purkhiser Olds was located around the corner from N. T. Knight & Son, at 115 E. Poplar Street. Frank Purkhiser and his son Harold ran the dealership until the 1979-80 time frame when they closed. The building there is now Lisa's Sports Bar & Grill, and is known informally in town as the "Oldsmobile Lounge."

Wolfe Motor Sales actually occupied both sides of the street at 207 W.Walnut, with the tiny garage, showroom, parts counter, and Texaco gas pumps on the south side of the street, and his wash rack/cleanup area and used car lot on the north side of Walnut Street. The south side is now occupied by John D's Auto Repair, and the north side of the street is now home to Jamie Whitman Auto Sales.

-courtesy AMC Forum

Columbia City, IN:
Schrader & Truman
Schrader & Truman, Columbia City, IN. Photo circa 1923.

Columbia City, IN:
Trier In business since 1935, established as an International Harvester farm implements store, the business was expanded in 1946 by adding the Hudson automobile franchise until 1954, when they switched the automobile franchise to Lincoln-Mercury and in 1961 dropped the International Harvester franchise to concentrate on the automobile business. Trier closed in 2012.

Connersville, IN:
Balsinger Motor Sales
Balsinger Motor Sales, 2100 Park Rd. In business 1950-1957. Mentioned in 1956 Sales Managers Letters.

Crown Point, IN:
Service Chicago (Per 06/15/41 newspaper ad.)

East Chicago, IN:
Galvin Motor Sales (Per 06/15/41 newspaper ad.)

Fort Wayne, IN:

Fred Gaskins Motors, 124-128 West Washington

Fort Wayne, IN:

Rousseau Brothers, No. Harrison & Fifth Sw. Cr. In business 1927-1931.

Franklin, IN:
Kerlin & Poe
Kerlin & Poe, Inc., 399 S. Main St. Dealers: J Paul Kerlin and son-in-law Emerson R Poe. Also served as a MobilGas Service Staion. Post WWII through Nash merge. Building has been replaced by Franklin Police Dept. Suggested Reading: "Franklin: A Pictoral History" by M.L. "Beezer" Johnson.

Gary, IN:
Imperial Mtr. Sales, Inc. (Per 06/15/41 newspaper ad.)

Garrett, IN:
PAUL H. SCHUNK, INC. Bio circa 1936: There has been a garage on the present site of Paul H. Schunk, Inc., at the corner of Quincy and Randolph streets since 1911 or 1912 when Leslie Stoner constructed the large stone building which was destroyed by fire some years later. Geo. Young, Wm. Burch Hays and Raymond Kingsbury owned the business at various times. Following the fire R. J. & C. B. Thacher of Auburn, occupied the building in its present form. They managed the business, selling to Ora Souder after several years. Paul H. Schunk purchased the garage in July, 1934, and has managed it since. Mr. Schunk is a member of one of the pioneer families of Garrett and he was born here. He started work as a machinist helper on the B & O and then became a fireman. He was employed for a time then by the Auburn Auto Co. as a trouble shooter on the road. After nine years in that capacity he joined the Chevrolet company at Fort Wayne and was transferred at various times by that company in Elkhart, Logansport and South Bend. He opened a general repair garage at 713 South Franklin street in Garrett in 1931 and over a year later became a part of the Hi-Way Garage corporation. A year later, after purchasing his present business, he incorporated it and the firm became known as Paul H. Schunk, Inc. Since Mr. Schunk took over the garage he has made several improvements including a stoker, a hydraulic hoist for lifting cars, new starting, lighting and ignition apparatus and other new equipment, and he has improved the lot next to the garage building for a used car lot. The company sells Hudsons and Terraplanes, International trucks and farm machinery, a general line of accessories and auto parts. And DX gasoline and motor oils. The Garrett employees are George Fullmer, salesman, Ben Traster, mechanic, Clarence Wyss, body and fender work, Charles Traster, washing and polishing, Wm. Sobraske, Loren Shaffer and Clark Luttman, attendants, and Frances Sapp, office girl. The Paul H. Schunk corporation has opened three more garages recently, at Kendallville, St. Joe and Auburn. These filing stations sell the same product as the Garrett station, and there is a total of twenty-one employees of the corporation. The Auburn and Garrett stations have twenty-four hour service. Extensive remodeling was done to the garage at Auburn at the corner of Ninth and Jackson streets. Mr. Schunk has made a great success as a young business man. He is a steady advertiser and energetic and enterprising. He is an active Mason and Elk. Click here for more info on Garrett, Indiana.

Greencastle, IN:
Hess Sales & Service
Hess Sales & Service, 7-9 East Franklin St, Greencastle, IN. 1947 Postcard. Charles Louis Hess and wife Hester (Freeman) Hess owned Hess Sales and Service of Greencastle, Indiana from 1932-1961. In 1956 they began building the Hess Mobile Home Park and operated it until 1968. (Roll mouse over image to see building today, currently Jerry's Foreign Auto Service.)

Hammond, IN:
Calumet Motors
Calumet Motors, 5814-20 Calumet Ave., Hammond, IN. Babe Abrahamson was the dealer. Believed to have been in business from 1934-1955.

Hobart, IN:
Nickel Plate Garage (Per 06/15/41 newspaper ad.)

Hobart, IN:
Storey Motor Sales
Storey Motor Sales, 712 E 3rd.

Huntington, IN:
Hudson & Willys Sales & Service
Hudson & Willys Sales & Service, 618 Guilford St., Huntington, IN. Dealer: Alva E. Sours. Before Guilford St., Sours business was at 706 S. Jefferson St. as known as A.E. Sours Garage in at least 1936. In business at the Guilford location during 1937-1941 before settling at the Market Street location known as Sours Hudson Sales & Service. Guilford building started as a horse stable, then Hudson dealership, and later as part of Memcor who built radios for the Army in Vietnam era. Click here for more pictures.

Huntington, IN:
Sours Hudson Sales
Sours Hudson Sales & Service, 701 East Market Street, Huntington, IN. Dealer: Alva E. Sours. In business from at least 1941-1954. In business at other locations since at least 1936, see Hudson & Willys Sales & Service description above. Click here for more pictures.

Huntington, IN:
James I. Toy
James I. Toy, 420 Cherry St. Circa 1929-1935.

Indiana Harbor, IN:
Sunnyside Motors (Per 06/15/41 newspaper ad.)

Indianapolis, IN:
Ace Motors
Ace Motors, 1136 N. Meridian, Indianapolis, IN. Postcard circa 1941.

Indianapolis, IN:
Federspill & Badorf Motors
Federspill & Badorf Motors, 3929 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN. It appears that the building still stands and is in business as a tire shop and automotive repairs. Mouse over picture above to see side view of building. Federspill & Badorf Motors

Federspill & Badorf Motors

Indianapolis, IN:
G.C. Murphy Co
G.C. Murphy Co Photo circa 1950. Unsure if this was an actual dealership or just a place of business a Hudson happened to be parked in front of.

Indianapolis, IN:
Hudson Motor Car Co 1930s photo of Hudson dealership in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indianapolis, IN:
Rodocker, 1160 W. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN.

Rodocker building as it stands today as Awning Partners.

Jeffersonville, IN:
Roach Motor Sales

Kokomo, IN:
Rayl Motor Co.
Rayl Motor Co.,314-318 No. Buckey Street, Kokomo, Indiana.

Kokomo, IN:
Ed Roll Hudson
Ed Roll Hudson Sales, 306 W. Sycamore, Kokomo, Indiana. This photo also featured in April 1972 WTN. Ed Roll Hudson was in business at this address from at least 1950-1953. Roll & Stronger, another Hudson dealership and tire service, was the prevoius dealer at this location from 1948-1950. This building still stands as City Tire. Ed Roll was rumored to have owned the speedway in Kokomo and had a Hudson "advertising car" for the track, but this is believed to be inaccurate by family members.

Lafayette, IN:
Feaster Motor Co
Feaster Motor Co, 1007 Main St. Electric Hand Ad circa 1937.

Lebanon, IN:
Lenox, 328 West South, Lebanon, IN. Sold Hudson and Studebakers starting in 1947, after selling Oliver farm machinery for several years, John Deere before then, and running a salvalge yard for decades before that. Click here for more history!

Logansport, IN:
Marty's Hudson Sales
Marty's Hudson Sales, 330 Water St. (US 24 W), Logansport, IN. Business years: 1954-1957. Note that building still has Hudson blue trim on the top edge.

Logansport, IN:
Palmer Auto Sales
Palmer Auto Sales, 805 Burlington Ave. In business during at least 1948-1949.

Lowell, IN:
Schreiber Sales& Service, Routes 2 & 41, Dealer Name: Arnold Schreiber. Credit Limit (1-22-53): COD. Although this has also been referred to as the Brunswick Garage, the Brunswick Garage was a seperate business in Brunswick, IN. click here for more photos and information.

Madison, IN:
Irwin Hudson Sales
Irwin Hudson Sales
Irwin Hudson Sales

Marion, IN:
Howard Auto Sales
Howard Auto Sales, 802 S. Adams, Marion, Indiana. Dal Howard sold Hudsons from 1939 to 1949. This building is purpose built for the Hudson dealership. It has a neat curved glass block parts counter and mirrored walls and lots of glazed tile. After 1949 until recently it was a Chrysler dealer. Down the street is the Edsal dealer with the sign still on the building and some old Edsals in the showroom.

Marion, IN:
Barker & McClain
Barker & McClain, 16th & Washington St., Marion, Indiana. This dealership sold both Hudson and International vehicles.

Michigan City, IN:
Krebs Service
Krebs Service, northeast corner of Michigan and Washington streets. Click here for more pictures and history.

Mishawaka, IN
M. Miller & Son
M. Miller & Son, (now street address 14133) Dragoon Trail.

Monroeville, In:
L.W Crates
L.W Crates, West South St. In business 1924-1951.

Muncie, IN:
The Muncie Automobile Co
The Muncie Automobile Co, 413-15-17-19 E. Jackson St. Clipping from Scarborough's Official Tour Book circa 1916. Click here for more pictures and information.

Noblesville, IN:
Whitesell Motor Sales
Whitesell Motor Sales, 940 Maple Ave., Noblesville, IN. Phone 47

Peru, IN:
David C. Fair
Fair Motor Sales, 30 W 2nd St (US 24 W), Peru, IN. David C. Fair, dealer, sold a pair of Jets to be used as police cars to the city of Peru. Roll mouse over image to view current picture of building.

Plymouth, IN:
Truman Motors
Truman Motors, old Lincoln highway US 30, Plymouth, IN. January 1964 WTN states, "A very nice example of the 1946-47 pick-ups. This one still in use by the Rambler dealer named on the door. These people were Hudson dealers for many years." It was an Amc dealer after Hudson and Ramblers and 1970s into the Renault Amc era. The building is still in use as a used car dealership today.

Portland, IN:
Hudson Steering wheels were made in Portland at Sheller (and later called Sheller Globe.) The city directory had a pic of a 1938 Hudson Steering wheel in the Sheller ad.
Hutchens Motor Co., 115 E. High St., 1922-1951, owned by Clarence Hutchens. May have sold Chrysler and Plymouth later.
Jay Motor Sales, Inc., Hwy 67, Water, & State. Date unknown.

Rushville, IN:
J. Caldwell's Triangle Garage
Caldwell's Triangle Garage. In business 1923-1941.

South Bend, IN
Ted Doba Auto Sales
Ted Doba Auto Sales, 217 Western Avenue.

Tipton, IN:
Jaqua Motor Sales CompanyJaqua Motor Sales Company
Jaqua Motor Sales Company, 301 E. Jefferson. Dealer: W.H. Jaqua. In business from 1938-1940.

Warsaw, IN:
Funk Motor Sales

Funk Motor Sales Warsaw, IN. Hudson and Terraplane Dealership.

Waynedale, IN:
Donaldson Hudson
Donaldson Hudson Sales and Service, Address Unknown, Waynedale, IN. Duane Donaldson poses with two new '54 Hudsons in his showroom Click here to see more pictures.

Whiting, IN:
Whiting Garage and Sales
Whiting Garage & Sales, 1534 Indianapolis Boulevard, Whiting, IN. Business years from at least 1941-1953. Click here to view more pictures and information on this dealership.


Aplington, IA:
D.U.Harken / Harken Brothers / Harken Brothers & Lumley / D.U. Harken and Sons
In business under these different names from 1915 to 1951/1952. Click here to read more detailed history.

Unknown Hudson Dealership
Unknown Hudson Dealership, Unknown street, Burlington, IA. Do you see the war bonds being advertised?

Davenport, IA:
Buck Motor Co
Buck Motor Co, 221-223 East Second St. Circa 1912. Click here for more pictures.

Des Moines,IA:
Hudson-Jones Auto Co
Hudson-Jones Auto Co., 1408 Locust St., Des Moines, IA. Click here for more pictures!

Iowa City, IA:
Iowa City Hudson-Essex Co, 11 E. Washington. In business from at least 1931-1932 at this location. Click here for more info.

Mason City, IA:
Lapner Motors, 129 South Delaware Ave., Mason City, Iowa. Website viewer, Larry, adds the following, "My Dad bought a new Hudson Jet there, he is not sure if it was a '53 or '54, but it was a maroon color with a black hardtop roof. It had automatic overdrive, and my Dad claims he got 30 mpg a couple times. There is a Midas muffler shop in that same building now."

Muscatine, IA:
Motor Service Co
Motor Service Co., 401-411 Mulberry Ave., Muscatine, IA. In business from 1945 thru 1956 with Earnest House Jr. and Howard Eutsler as dealers. Click here to view more pictures!

Richland, IA:
Mayer Motors
Mayer Garage, 6 Oak St., Richland, IA. Dealers were Frank Mayer and Allvin Allen, in business from 1933 - 1950's.

Waterloo, IA:
Peverill Motor Sales Co Read this informative Hudson article!

Winterset, IA:
Brooker's One Stop Service
Brooker's One Stop Service 1936-1941

Winterset, IA:
C.R. Peters
C.R. Peters Circa 1922-1932 Click here for more pictures and information!

Winterset, IA:
Madison County Implement
Madison County Implement, 217 N. First St. Circa 1947-1949.


Atchison, KS:
G.E. Kaufman
G.E. Kaufman, 614 Mound St., Atchison, KS. Postcard circa 1927.

McCune Motor Company
McCune Motor Company, 112-114 West Elm Street. Owner, George J McCune. Christmas card might date to early '30s? A 1936 Chanute City Directory has it listed as an auto dealership at 116 N Lincoln Ave.

Clay Center, KS: Click here to view a History of Auto Dealerships in Clay Center.
Bradley Motor Company Hudson (1946 newspaper)
Weethee Hudson-Essex (1926 phonebook)

Coffeyville, KS:
Bob Busick Motors (Per 03/21/1948 Wichita Eagle newspaper ad.)
S & S Motor Co., 1217 South Walnut (Per 02/24/1948 Wichita Eagle newspaper ad.)

Fort Riley, KS:
Fort Riley Kansas Hudson Dealership
Dealership Name Unknown, Fort Riley, KS. This dealership participated in the donation of one of 23 Jets to winners of the Teacup Contest. Per December 1953 Hudson Dealer News: Corporal Burton Medelson was the winner of a Jet in the Teacup Contest. (Left to Right) Ralph Stark, dealer in Fort Riley; Bob Clow, Kansas City Zone Manager and Cpl. Mendelson.

Brown Motor & Implement Co
Brown Motor & Implement Co, 126 E. 10th St., Goodland, KS. Click here for more pictures!

Hiawatha, KS:
Unknown Dealership Name, Hiawatha, KS. Owned by Ray E. Leman. Sold the city a Hudson Jet patrol car.

Independence, KS:
Barton Blakeslee
Barton Blakeslee, 211 West Myrtle from 1918, had been in Neodasha previously. Click here for more information.

Kansas City, KS:
Fasenmyer Hudson
Fasenmyer Hudson, N 10th St and State Ave, Kansas City, KS. In 1930 Fasenmyer was listed in a city directory at 826-28 Minnesota as Fasenmyer Motor & Radio Co., dealing in Packards, Chrysler, Plymouth and Philco and Atwater-Kent radios. This dealership was also found in a 1943 phone book with a location of 929 Minnesota, of which building is now gone. Looking at the photo, it appears to have been a Texaco station as well. Owned by A.C. "Tony" Fasenmyer. Roll mouse over image to see current day building or click here for more pictures and information.

Larned, KS:
Mac's Auto Sales & Service
Mac's Auto Sales & Service, 812 Broadway. (Possibly 1940's?). Building still stands as Carr Auto & Electric.

McPherson, KS:
Baker Motor Co.
Baker Motor Co.,318 North Main. Ad from 11/16/1940. Click here for more pictures.

Sabetha, KS:
Gilbert Motor Co
Gilbert Motor Co Circa 1940s.

Salina, KS:
Heath HudsonHeath Hudson
Roy M. Heath Co. aka Heath Hudson, 208 N. Santa Fe, Salina, Kansas. Opened in 1920. This shot is from in front of the Recht Drug Store on the corner of N. Santa Fe Ave. and E. Ash St. looking NorthEast. On the right is the Coffee Shop of the Casa Bonita restaurant and bus station. (Called the Casa-Boneyard by the teens of the time.) Visible on the east side of the street at about the center is the Heath Hudson automobile dealer and the bowling alley. The big six story building on the far left is still standing I think. All the rest are gone. A March 10, 1959 Salina Journal classified advertises Parts, Sales, Service, Competition Tuning, and Accessories for Jaguar, MG, Porsche, Austin-Healy, and Morris offered by Roy M. Heath Co.

Wichita, KS:
Hudson Sales Co
Hudson Sales Co, 231 S Topeka Ave. Clipping from July 1915 Hudson Triangle


Lexington, KY:
Purdom Motor Co.
Purdom Motor Co., Lexington, KY. Photo featured in 1953 Motor magazine ad and 12-14-53 Automotive News.

Louisville, KY:
Douglas Hudson Motors
Douglas Hudson Motors, 2411 Bardstown Rd (corner of Bardstown Road and Douglas Boulevard), Louisville, KY: It began as Douglas Hudson Motors, changed to Douglas Ramber, and ended in 1980 as Wilhelmi's Douglas American Click here for more information and pictures.

Louisville, KY:
Schuler Motor Co
Schuler Motor Co, Lexington Road at Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY. Photo circa 1935. Unique sign reads, "Continental Oil; Hudson; Essex; Conoco." This was located across the street from a Gulf station, a drug store, a restaurant, Steiden Stores, and Fred Wootton Hardware. Click here for more pictures!

Louisville, KY:
Southern Motors Co
Southern Motors Co., Hudson Distributors, Louisville, KY. Click here to read a great article on this dealership!

Louisville, KY:
1817 Third Street (Parantheses show approximate dates.):
(1915-1919) Electric Garage Company
(1920-1921+) Triangle Motors Co., Garage and Service Station (Another possible Hudson dealership?)
(1927+) Fidelity Motor Co, Used Car Dept, Essex & Hudson, I.T. Axton (President)
(1933+) Bridgewater, A W B garage
(1933+) Lockett, C W auto painter
(2000) Cardinal Village Apts

Madisonville, KY:
Dozier Motor Co
Dozier Motor Co.

Winchester, KY:
Brewer Motor Co
Brewer Motor Co, Winchester, KY. During the 1953 Clark County Fair in Winchester, the Franklin Homemakers, an organization of housewives appeared in a parade dressed in costumes depicting the period from 1919 to 1954. The Brewer Motor Company, Hudson dealer in Winchester had five Hudson in the parade, cars ranging in ages from 1919 to 1954 models and as a result won the first prize in competition with all the other automobile dealers in the city. Cars included a 1919 Essex convertible, a Hornet stock car used in races, a 1953 Jet, a 1954 Wasp and 1954 Hornet. The resultant publicity helped the cmpany to sell five new and several used cars since the parade was witnessed by the largest crowed ever recorded in the history of the city.


H.A. Testard Co
H.A. Testard Co, 353-55 Baronne St, New Orleans, LA. Testard established a bicycle store in 1898 and first sold automobiles made by Western Wheels Works, Chicago. You can see in the photo that he continued the business as both a "wheelman" and auto dealer. He sold Hudson from at least 1912-1924. Click here for more pictures and information.

New Orleans, LA:
Southern Hudson
Southern Hudson, Inc., New Orleans, LA. Photo from 1953 Motor magazine ad.

Shreveport, LA:
Dickinson Motor Co
Dickinson Motor Co

Shreveport, LA:
M.I. Davis Company, Inc
M.I. Davis Company, Inc., Shreveport, LA. Photo circa 1948/1949 in the all-glass show window of the dealership with a smartly dressed mannequin seated in the car. Click here for more pictures and information.




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