Hudson Dealerships

The History of York, PA Dealerships.

Snyder Automobile Co
Snyder Automobile Co., 229-231 W. Market St., York, PA. The dealership ad for Snyders is from the R.L. Polk & Co. York City Directory for 1952. You can see it was also a White truck dealership and garage. White trucks (Snyder) eventually moved to S. Queen St. The truck business finally closed and as of 2005 became The Truck Stop.

Snyder Automobile Co., 229-231 W. Market St. A local from the area says, "The building was much taller when it was still a White Truck Sales and Service. They moved out years ago to S. Queen St. and Rt.83. Sold and serviced White and other trucks, then closed. It has since reopened as the Truck Shop, a parts and service garage for all types of trucks. The buildings at 227-231 W. Market St. now house a Magistrates Office/Court and a hiking/outdoor supplies. The building was updated for future business. Not sure how many floors it was originally. There was a large garage door in the rear, but it's gone. The building is built right along side the Coderus Creek, which runs through the lower West side, just 4 blocks from the city square." Webmistress note: Part of the dealership, referred to as 231, has become a separate building which houses Jack Hulme Design and is addressed as 234 W. Clarke St.

Dealership Name Unknown, 610 S George St., York, PA. mentions this as an old Hudson building, but further information to substantiate this as a dealership has not been found, even through the Records of Deeds Office. Perhaps it was simply owned by someone with the surname of Hudson? However, in the 1930's, it was a Nash automobile agency! The local library does have old street directories that list a Hudson Auto Sales & Service, but that provides information for Snyder Automobile Co. shared above. Further information known about the George St. building is that it served as a farm market, specifically a replacement for the old York City Market after it was demolished. Today, the renovated structure houses BIZ TOWN, a Junior Achievement's Exchange City. Inside is a replica of downtown York city buisnesses/buildings, where kids run the city. Roleplay gives them the experience of owning buisnesses, selling items, learing how to be store owners, etc. Click here to read an article on some Memories of Downtown York Business District.

D.E. Stetler DODGE, 561 S. George St. Open in 1921.

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