Hudson Jet

Teacup TestOne promotion to introduce the 1953 Jet was known as the "Teacup Test!" In the days when gas was 19 cents a gallon, getting optimum miles per gallon was just as important as it is today. Boasting as much as 24 MPG, Hudson wanted customers to visualize just how economical the new Jet was. (On a side note, Speed Age magazine claimed 31 mph at a steady speed of 30 mph. See Speed Age article from August 1953 for further details.) The fuel line to the carburetor would be disconnected and pluged. The engine was started and run until the carburetor went dry. The Gasometer would be hung from the window of the right, front door where driver could observe the apparatus. One rubber hose would go to the fuel pump, thru the Gasometer and then to the carburetor. A valve shuts it off, allows it to fill with exactly one-tenth of a gallon and then will accurately show amount of gasoline used. Mileage was taken at the start and again when the engine died. The salesmen would take the miles traveled and multiply that by 10 to inform the customer of the miles per gallon their test drive provided for them. The salesman would then reconnect the fuel pump line and return back to the dealership. Although an innoventive idea, the test ultimately proved to be a lackluster marketing ploy.

Hudson Triangle

DISCLAIMER: The following article was provided courtesy of Hudson Triangle Magazine, Volune 10 Number 2, a publication of the Hudson Motor Company. By Tom Owen, Master Mechanic's Division Harper Plant Airframe (As told to the editor of the Hudson Triangle.). Tom Owen had been with Hudson since 1946. The Owen family consisted of wife katherine and daughters Laurie and Christine. They lived at 19704 Avalon in St. Clair Shores.

Hudson Employee Declares: Teacup Test is Amazing

I've heard a great deal about this Teacup Test but just thought it was a lot of advertising. One of my co-workers in the department told me, "You can't believe claims that anyone makes." I was determined to find out for myself. I was glad when George Harrison, salesmanager for lavigne Auto Seals on East Waren invited the wife and me to take the Teacup Test.

Dealer Bill Lavigne

Gasometer Connection
DEALER BILL LAVIGNE shows Tom, Katherine, Laurie and Christine how the Gasometer is connected. One rubber hose goes to the fuel pump, thru the Gasometer and then to the carburetor. This gives an accurate test of gas consumption.

When I stepped into the Hudson Jet, I thought, this was going to be something new. I've heard about it, now I am going to see for myself. the odometer on the car says 449.8 miles. There, I filled the gaometer which when empty will show one-tenth of a gallon of gas gone. This is a comfortable feeling, I've never driven a car with hydramatic before. This car is easy to handle. Much different from my 1950 competitive car. The speedometer is at 35 miles an hour now. The car handles a lot easier than mine - plenty of acceleration. I wonder what the actual mileage per gallon is going to be. Now we can stop, the gasometer is empty. It reads 452.2, that's 2.4 miles, multiply this by ten because the gasometer only holds one-tenth of a gallon and we are making 24 miles per gallon. I don't believe it! I'll try it again. The odometer reads 452.7 and I've filled the gasometer again. This economy is amazing. After all this is the city and we're using hydramatic drive. I can't get over how comfortable this car is, there's plenty of vision. Now we're running about 50 miles per hour, better slow down this is a 45 mile zone. This car steers by finger tip control. There's the end of the gasoline in the tester. The odometer reads 454.7. That's exactly 2 miles, multiplied by ten, that makes 20 miles per gallon. Maybe I'm wrong but I'll let Katherine drive, to see what she says.

Tom at the wheel
TOM IS AT THE WHEEL. He proves to be a faster driver than Katherine.

(This is Katerine Owen's reaction.)
The odometer says 454.8. My husband drives too fast. But you couldn't even feel it in this car. It feels real good. In our car, I have to sit on cushions for a prop. Here the seat fits just fine. I feel at ease driving this car. Usually a woman has to almost learn to drive all over again in a strange car. This is a wonderful car for a new driver. It's so easy to control. This is one car in which I feel I'm the boss. If everyone had a car like this you would be able to park downtown with plenty of room to spare. There's a stop light. The brakes stop this car so easily. Now there's the indicator at empty. The odometer reads 457.2. That's 2.4 miles, multiply it by ten, that's 24 miles per gallon.

At left: KATHERINE TAKES HER TURN. She averaged 24 miles on a gallon of gas.

LAURIE AND CHRISTINE find time to play in dealer Bill Lavigne's showroom while Mom and Dad take the Teacup Test. dealer Lavigne's public relations project has helped sales.

THIS IS THE INDICATOR for the Gasometer. When it is full it contains exactly one-tenth of a gallon. A valve shuts it off, allows it to get filled and then will show amount of gasoline used.

Tom Sums It Up

Seeing is believing. My co-workers are from Missouri but so am I. The Jet has proved itself to me. More people should take the Teacup Test. It's so amazing. I am going to make a deal for a Hudson Jet myself.

THE TESTER IS INSPECTED by the couple at the end of the run. Note that the gasoline is at the empty marker. Ton's reaction: Amazing!

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