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Shrock Motors - Salem, Oregon

Shrock Motor Co
Above photo circa 1940's. Below photo shows building has undergone a window remodel.
Shrock Motor Co
Shrock Motor Co., 555 Chemeketa, Salem, OR. The dealership was listed as a used car dealer in the 1942 Salem directory and as a Hudson dealer from 1945-1954. Also seen in 01/31/1954 Oregon Journal ad. The 1957 directory lists the company as a used car dealer again. This 1954 picture still shows the Shrock marquee, but an empty former dealership. Known as the Griffin building, this corner location also housed Rawlins Realty and Insurance (605 Chemeketa Street) and Al Issak and Company Real Estate (322 Church Street). In the 1945 & 1953/54 directories, the Shrock office was at 316 N. Church and the sales yard was at 555 Chemeketa.

Shrock Motor Co

"Pig In A Poke" sales produced terrific used car results for Shrock Motors, increasing their used car business by as much as 50%. . They used a live pig in a pen which attracted many farmers. They also employed Cliff Thompson, height 8 feet seven inches, the world's tallest man to attract prospects. (Left to Right) John S. Moore, general manager; Clarence Shrock, presdent; Lloyd Scott, used car salesman; "George", the "Pig In A Poke"; Verne Nash, new car salesman; Clarence Frederickson, new car salesman; Ken Mather, used car salesmanager; Ted Torgeson (kneeling) used car assistant salesmanager.

Clarence R. Shrock passed away in Salem, Oregon on April 23, 1972. He had one of the largest collections of Hudson cars and pickups, storing them in various places in Salem. Upon his death, the family decided to share them with as many people as possible. An auction was held at the Oregon State Fairgrounds on August 4-5, 1972.

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