Hudson Jet

This Jet is truly one of a kind! Starting as a 4-door sedan, the front doors were lengthened and the back doors were shortened and welded shut to make it a 2 door. Top has been chopped as well as t-tops installed. Unfortunately, a significant design flaw resulted in a "pinched roof," similar to that of todays Nissan 350Z. A roof chop, done correctly, should look like the factory intended the car to be lower. Headlights have been tunnelled. Suspension has not been modified.

A set of monte carlo seats replaced original front seats, but no other interior is present. Original dash and steering column intact. Car has no motor or transmission. This Jet was located in Queensbury, New York when sold at an auction price of $660 in January 2008. Last known location was Wentzville, Missourri in July 2008 when it appeared on Craigslist at an asking price of $4,500 and then $4,000.

Weird rear windows kick it back to maybe a 1970's design.

It would have looked a lot better with an oval window or
two rounded triangles like the early VW's or a pair of
potato-shaped windows like the '39 Mercury.

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